Template Instructions: Print out the Dresden Blade Template at actual size. Cut out the template on the drawn lines. There are 3″, 4″ and 5″ markings in case you want to make a smaller Dresden plate. See end of post for more information. Place tape (double sided or rolled) on one side of the template.

Many employers look for a common set of skills and want to see proof that you have these skills.

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Always study the job description carefully and note the specific skills required. This lets you know exactly what the employer will be looking for in your resume and application.

Trying to match an employer’s expectations can be daunting, but you’ve likely developed these skills through past work experience or volunteering.

Here’s a quick guide to the most common skills employers look for and examples of how to showcase these skills on your resume:


This is a skill every employer values. Communication includes three different categories: verbal, listening, and written. You will need communication skills in order to listen effectively to your boss, co-workers or clients, communicate and facilitate discussions effectively with your team, prepare and deliver presentations, write work reports and more.

  • Excellent communication skills, developed through experience in [retail, customer service, telemarketing, front desk reception, journalism, etc.]

Computer skills

Most jobs require you to have a basic understanding of computer programs such as Excel and Microsoft Office, as well as skills in internet navigation, social media sites and email systems.

Sample point showcasing this skill
  • Proficient computer literacy proven through work experience in [Front desk IT, software programming and applications, spreadsheet tabulations, social media coordination, etc.]

Research skills

This skill refers to your ability to think critically, analyse situations from multiple viewpoints and research matters to define key issues.

  • Highly critical thinker with effective researching skills proven through work experience in [Research assistant, resource developer, conflict resolution, project management, etc.]


Employers seek those who have the ability to lead, motivate and stimulate others to achieve goals and inspire change. Even if you aren’t applying for a position in management, most employers prefer to hire team members who can manage a team if the need arises.

Sample point showcasing this skill
  • Exceptional leadership skills developed through work experience in [club or school government position, tutoring, student mentor/leader, personal coach/trainer, etc.]


Employers want to know that you are capable of working in a fast-paced environment and can adapt to various situations prioritizing multiple work assignments simultaneously. This skill is often mentioned in connection with high-volume work environments.

  • Flexible team player who prospers in a fast-paced work environment based on past experience [balancing a full course load with a part-time job, working odd hours, a busy office, etc.]

Interpersonal skills

Employers want someone who is personable and engaging, and can inspire other co-workers and work well in a team.

Sample point showcasing this skill
  • Interpersonal and relationship building skills proven through work experience in [club involvement, teamwork, student leader, workshop facilitator, etc.]
March 12, 2019Charm Packs/Precuts/Fat Quarter Quilts, Easter Quilts, Table Runners and Table Toppers

These Easter Eggs Will be On Your Table Every Year

Friends and family will be delighted with this sweet scrappy Easter Egg runner on your table. Fun to sew, and just perfect to add to your Spring decor, through to Easter.

A super easy pre-cut friendly design that uses 5″ charm squares to make piecing and completing even quicker. Use a favorite in seasonal colors or make it totally scrappy in fun colors from left overs. Cut squares from fabric to add to the mix.

Piece and cut using the pattern templates for the eggs, then use a fusible such as heat’n Bond for easy applique. Finish with ribbon, rickrack and other embellishments. There’s plenty of space for quilting, just right for the nestled eggs!

Make single blocks for placemats, or mini quilts to use as a table mat for chocolate eggs for when friends and family come round.

The pattern, designed by Shabby Fabrics, includes full written instructions, as well as templates and diagrams. Finished size is 12 1/2″ x 53″ using at least 25 (5″) squares.

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