Adding this reference allows you to use the MSXML application programming interfaces from within VBA.

It is possible to treat an XML file as a text file and parse it using traditional methods but is not very efficient.
However because the XML data is structured it is far easier to use an XML parser instead.
There are lots of different type of XML parsers but for the purposes of VBA you will want to use a parser that supports XML Document Object Model (DOM).
An XML parser that supports DOM will take the XML data and expose it via a set of objects that we can program against.

Not in front of Excel, and not an expert at VBA, and not familiar with Windows 10, but - two immediate thoughts are: the object name changed, or the.dll that defines these objects isn't present. The latter is much more likely as ServerXMLHTTP has been around since the Windows Vista days. First, check for the presence of msxml2.dll on your system.

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Microsoft XML Parser (MsXML.dll)

This is an XML parser which supports DOM that can be used in VBA to access and manipulate XML data.
(Tools > References)


Document Object Model (DOM)

This defines a set of standard commands that parsers should expose to allow you to access XML content.
The DOM represents a treeview of an XML document letting you easily navigate its structure and add, modify or remove elements.
The documentElement is the top level of the tree.
This element has one or more child nodes.

link msdn - aa468547
KB - 304265
KB - 253732

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Many of our users have been getting errors in Excel with macros that worked perfectly fine in all older version of Excel. Now that they are using Windows 10 and Excel 2016, the 'user-defined type not defined' error comes up each time it hits a UDF statement. It is as follows:

Can someone please help me modify these UDFs so they will work in Excel 2016? I'm sure we need to change some of the statements but don't know what to change. The references turned on for these documents are:
Visual Basic for Applications
Microsoft Excel 16.0 Object Library
OLE Automation
Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library
Microsoft Office 16.0 Object Library
Microsoft XML, v6.0
Any guidance you can give will be very gratefully appreciated
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