Aug 31, 2003  Hi, I have a Hauppauge Wincast Capture Card that I would like to experiment with on a WinXP PC. The software that was supplied with it is nonXP so I need some XP drivers and software to get it to work properly. Jun 02, 2018  Hauppauge WinCast/TV Free Driver Download. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – winczst in a new window or tab. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag.

File Name: hauppauge_34604_rev_e148_treiber.exe
Version: 2.3.1
Driver Date: 26 August 2012
File Size: 18,921 KB
Available for: Linux, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS, Windows 98, Windows 8
Downloaded: 105 times
Last Time: 05 May 2020

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23-Sep-13 08:22
thank you very much!
03-Sep-13 00:34
Just perfect. BIG Thanks Mate!
14-Apr-13 22:54
Oh, Man, THANK YOU!!!
11-Nov-12 03:24
dude . its soo slow
13-Oct-11 09:29
love Hauppauge 34604 rev e148 treiber

Other Drivers

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  • 1Hauppauge devices
  • 2Currently available Hauppauge devices (16 Aug 2006)

Hauppauge devices


Currently supported:

  • HVR 900 A1C0 Details
  • Hauppauge WinTV USB 2 Details

Currently partly supported:

  • HVR 900 B2C0 Details

Currently available Hauppauge devices (16 Aug 2006)

(only available devices, not all of them are supported)

Analog Video Grabbing

  • Impact VCB (Model 64XXX) 00558
  • USB-Live (Model 403XX) 00609

Analog TV Viewing

  • WinTV Express (Model 44XXX) 00751
  • WinTV GO 2 (Model 347XX) 00750
  • WinTV PCI-FM (Model 345XX) 00718
  • WinTV USB (Model 402XX) 00569
    • Supported by the USBVision driver
  • WinTV USB-FM (Model 402XX) 00568
  • WinTV USB2 (Model 420XX) 01017
    • Supported by the em28xx driver

Hybrid Video Recording

  • WinTV HVR900 (Model 65XXX) 00245
    • Revision 1 supported by the em28xx driver
  • WinTV HVR900 SE (Model 66009) 00280
    • Stick inside the package is(?) actually HVR-900H (no support as of June 2008)
  • WinTV HVR1100 (Model 67xxx) 01100
  • WinTV HVR1300 (Model 96xxx) 01111

Personal Video Recording

  • WinTV PVR-USB2 (Model 24xxx) 00960
  • WinTV PVR-150 (Model 26xxx) 01048
  • WinTV PVR-350 (Model 48xxx) 00991
  • WinTV PVR-500 (Model 23xxx) 01072

Digital Video Broadcasting

  • WinTV Nova-t (Model 90xxx) 00928
  • WinTV Nova-T USB2 (Model 93xxx) 01091
  • WinTV Nova-S-Plus (Model 92xxx) 00794
  • WinTV Nova-SE2 (Model 92xxx) 00639
  • WinTV Nova-T-Stick(Model 70xxx) 00293
  • WinTV Nova-T-500 (Model 99xxx) 00283

Music, Video, Picture

  • MediaMVP (Model 86xxx) 01005
  • Wireless MediaMVP (Model 86xxx) 01133

Hauppauge Model Synopsis and internal names


(Ciao Markus --

Any chance you could sort these by decoder chip and add links from the bt878 (I did that), saa713x, etc. pages? Check the 'What links here' link to make sure people will be able to find the page.

What about this one -- where does it belong in your scheme? Not currently available? Availability now may not be the best criterion to use, as people with older cards also may need drivers?

Hauppauge WINTV DBX TV Stereo 125CHNL TV Tuner w/FM Stereo Radio PCI -- [writeup in Linux Journal]


maybe in another section yes, it's work and requires time that's the problem.

Buy it now and enjoy the health benefits of quick-sealed, deep-fried, low-fat food. Can anyone say “Mmmmm. Deni deep fryer manual.


(Is there any possibility of shutting down WinTV Nova-S-Plus card or some kind of suspend mode to save some power?If I shut down my AC97, I can save about 3 watts. And I think that a TV card takes a lot of power.


I've encountered a problem with the Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-T 500 PCI card. In MythTV/Ubuntu if I tune to a DVB channel not currently broadcasting I expect to see a service screen telling me when the channel will return to service (this in in the UK). What actually happens is that Myth locks up. On one occasion I took a look on an alternate terminal and found that the Myth backend was chewing up the CPU. Daz3dfree. I took the box down to single user and back up to runlevel 2 but discovered that the USB subsystem was still hung - it couldn't see a USB stick when I plugged it in until I rebooted. It's not clear whether the problem is firmware, driver or MythTV but hanging the USB suggests it's a low level problem.


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