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Here engineering students can select best technical seminar topic ideas on latest. Get the huge list of seminar topics in electronics and electrical field. Arduino Technology Free Circuits Interview Questions. Transparent electronics 178. Pls send me the ppt and seminar report of “gps based debris removal system”.

Hello to all Jugaadu friends. Today here I am sharing PPT and Seminar Report on Transparent Electronics Technology.

What is Transparent Electronics Technology:-

I think most of all from you have seen the movies like Iron Man and Avatar. In these movies we saw impressive transparent touch screen display or screen. Transparent Electronics include technology like that.
Transparent electronics is an emerging science and technology field focused on producing invisible electronic circuitry and opto-electronic devices. Applications include consumer electronics, new energy sources, and transportation; for example, automobile windshields could transmit visual information to the driver.

Why Is transparency important?

Transparent electronics may make your room or wall more spacious by allowing electronic devices to be consolidated and stacked in small clear spaces. The technology may also enable the development of clear computer monitors and televisions that are imbedded inside glass or transparent plastic.

Download full Seminar Report and PPT on Transparent Electronics from below:-

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