Three Way Torrent; Sims 4 Teen Pregnancy Cheat Code; Three Way. This heavy and packed mod includes three majors that the Sim can. Brittany is an avid Sims fan and has been playing and modding the games since the first Sims title was released in 2000! 'Mods' short for modifications, are user-created files which modify or add more to the regular game. Since Sims 2 was released, fans have been creating mods and sharing them online. The options for mods are pretty diverse.

The romantic rep thing just isn't fun. It was poorly implemented and then sort of never used. It made no sense either, really to come out with generations because well, it is romantic rep. Maybe it should come out with the release of an overall romance episode. Now, I can see creating an overall rep.. But people are all different. A person could have multiple boyfriends, be a player and also donate to charity, and a generous person. But the game defines anyone who isn't living a mongamous life as evil and gives them a horrible rep. Who thought that up? Seems really judgemental to me. To me this is a GAME. I don't need EA to define what is ok. I can have a kleptomaniac thief, who feeds the neigbors to the cow plant and that's ok. But if she has 2 boyfriends, she's awful and deserves to be slapped. Okay
I honestly think there needs to be at least several 'non-monongamous' romance states. A person should be able to date and have more than one boyfriend or girlfriend. People do date multiple people in real life and they aren't horrible or immoral. That's what dating is about. As long as everyone's aware and consenting, I see no harm in it. For the romantic rep to kick in, the sim should be at least at fiancee/married stage. Otherwise whats the point of having 4 degrees of monogamy. Love inerest, boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancee, wife/hubbie.. When in reputation terms its nearly all the same as being married.

Go for a walk with more Pets (Rabbitholes)

With three Dogs ingame it takes a lot of time to go for a walk with one Pet after the other. Since the Routing System is complicated as hell i used another way to be able to walk several Pets at once. Rabbitholes.


This Mod adds another “Go for a Walk”Pie Menu under the Pet Care Pie Menu. There you have three Options

  • 30 Minutes
  • 60 Minutes
  • 120 Minutes

These will open a Simpicker Menu where you can choose the Dogs (and Cats) to go with you for a walk.


I recommend to go near the “Spawn” Point at your Lot and call all your Pets over before using the Interactions.

I also recommend the Go for a Walk with Dogs will fill up Needs Mod. I added a loot at the end of the walks where they get the Mod Buff if you have it installed!

Optional Addon

Addon for the Take for Walk Whim
… to be fulfilled with the Quick Walk or Walk with more Pets (You only need one of both Addons installed)

English (default)
Portuguese by Ana Carolina
Japanese by Miya
Chinese by Neala23
Russian by KissaLopa
License key gta san andreas.


Google Drive or DropBox

(or SimFileShare if you cannot use both alternative Links above)

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