Anyone else notice that when I changed servers I accidentally forgot to move my nifty logo? For three or four days this site went all Cameron Crowe Director’s Cut on your ass and was Untitled. Before I get going with all the happy reposts, I’m going to tell everyone which songs I will for sure not be reposting (with the reasons why) Public Image Ltd. – Disappointed (Radio Edit) This is just a shorter version of the album track, I stopped posting radio edits after I figured this out. If you really want a shorter version of this song just stop playing the album version about four minutes in.

There, I just saved myself and you some time. M – Pop Music (Long Version) It’s really just the album version. The 12” was mislabeled. Straight To Hell Soundtrack & Two Minds Crack I NEVER POSTED THESE IN THE FIRST PLACE! Strangely enough the Straight To hell soundtrack is in my recording queue so I might get to it someday. Not strangely enough I have never heard of Two Minds Crack and I wonder what crack said person was smoking when they asked me to put it back up here.

Many White Stripes B-sides That was a big post, and I don’t want to deal with all that jazz again. I’ll put up the highlights in a couple days though.

Sade Unreleased Dance Mixes Rare. Blank & Jones hit double figures with their long running So. Eighties series, with the announcement of so. Sade make a rare outing on a remix compilation with the extended version of Sweetest Taboo, and the Pet Shop Boys. Mix) – Alison Moyet 5: 2. The Look (Big Red Mix) – Roxette 7: 3.

Also remember that I cannot get to you all and if I miss your request it’s not a slight against your musical tastes (okay, well it might be) and I probably just didn’t have the time to get to it. On a politer note, I appreciate that most of you followed my uptight ass and went by the rules with your requests and did it in the comment field.

A couple people emailed me instead (you know who you are) but lucky for you I was planning on reposting those tracks anyway. I plan on doing this all week and each time I’ll be sprinkling in a few new tracks with the reposts so pay attention! Talk Talk Why Is It So Hard? Remix Extended Version) Talk Talk (12” Mix Extended Version) My Foolish Friend (12” Mix Extended Version) It’s My Life (12” Remix Extended Version) Dum Dum Girl (12” Remix Extended Version) Such A Shame (12” U.S. Remix Extended Version) Living In Another World (Curious World Dub Mix) Talk Talk (Remix) Living In Another World (Mendelsohn Remix) Living In Another World (Live) Between the comment field in the original post, my call for requests and several unsolicited emails, I’ve gathered that some of you want these tracks back up here.

The first six tracks are from the requested It’s My Mix EP. The last four have never been posted here before and are from the single to “Living In Another World.” I have some more Talk Talk that I’ll be posting later, but it might not be for a while so don’t wait up.

The Sugarcubes Fucking In Rhythm & Sorrow (Live) Birthday (Christmas Eve/Day Remix) Birthday (Christmas Present Remix) Petrol (Live) Leash Called Love (12” Single) So according to everything I’ve read the “Christmas Eve” and “Christmas Day” remixes of this song are two separate recordings. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how/if both of them were on this single I got though, so that’s why it’s labeled as it is. Sorry for the confusion – maybe something was lost in the Icelandic-to-English conversion. I blame Einar. “Fucking In Rhythm & Sorrow” is a repost, the rest are new. Fleetwood Mac Landslide (Remix) Landslide (String Mix) Landslide (Analog Mix) Big Love (Extended Remix) To the dude that asked for these: Your girlfriend wants to hear these? You know these really suck right?

Seriously, these remixes are probably the stupidest tracks I’ve ever posted (excluding anything that has a Moog or is by Meco). I hope she doesn’t leave you. I’m also including an equally WTF remix of “Big Love” – you two deserve it. I’m going to mention this for the last time. As I do every March (the anniversary of The Lost Turntable) I am taking requests for reposts of previous posts. So far I’ve only gotten a few, and since one was for a track that I’m 99% sure I never even posted, you guys better get on the ball with this shit.

Since I was so behind with requesting your requests (say that five times fast) I’m giving all you mofos till the end of the week to tell me what you want. Put it in the comment field, so I don’t get a billion emails asking for that damn Talk Talk EP. Seriously, what’s the deal with that? Everyone seems to go apeshit for those bastards except me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Talk Talk, I’ve just never been a big fan. Anyways, let me know what you want – I’m not this nice that often you know. Butthole Surfers Pepper (Comin’ Down The Mountain Mix – Edit) Pepper (Short Shot Mix) Pepper (Halluncinations’ Funky Salt-Lick Mix) As a fan of The Surfers’ early insane psychedelic experimental mindfucks, I still have to say that this is one of my favorite songs by them.

Many of their hardcore fans considered this tune to be a “sell-out” but I don’t know how much a band that calls itself Butthole Surfers can actually sell out. I love these sick bastards and I hope they record another album some day. Their existence is the sole reason why I hold any hope for Texas. These remxies came from a 12” single and have a few cracky noises in them. I removed them to the best of my ability. I don’t think these versions were every put on CD. The single also included the album cut “Jingle Of A Dog’s Collar” – a painful song about the death of a dog.

Since you can get that one on Electriclarryland I didn’t include it, but I suggest everyone listen to it. Greenhouse Effect Vs. Radiohead Side 1 Side 2 Okay, this is one I don’t know a whole hell of a lot about but I sure am digging it. I picked this up at 720 Records during their grand opening and I was happy as hell that I did. It’s a “mash-up” record featuring the MCs of the indie-rap group Greenhouse Effect performing over various Radiohead tunes.

It also has a bunch of random Radiohead interview quotes and other oddities thrown in. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to cut this bitch up into tracks, so it’s just split into sides. Placebo Dub Psychosis Passive Aggressive (Brothers In Rhythm Remix) Special K (Timo Maas Remix) Little Mo Slave To The Wage (I Can’t Believe It’s A Remix) Special K (Timo Maas Dub Mix) I got these off of some weird EP titled Black Market Music Remix Sampler. I’m fairly certain everything on it has also been released on singles, EPs and various other releases through the years. I was debating making a zip file with all the songs, but I figured a lot of people out there would just want the remixes of “Special K” so I left them separate. Most of these remixes aren’t all that hot too be honest, but the B-side “Little Mo” is a must-listen.

I just canceled my old shitty.mac account. It was a rip-off and I don’t suggest anyone ever getting one for any reason. I stopped using it for my new posts ages ago but a few of my older posts that I kept the links active to still do.

The most notable of these being the Urgh post. So if you’re scouring the archives for some good shit and you come across a dead link don’t tell me. I know and I’m on it. Be Your Own Pet Becky Black Hole Blow Yr Mind Be Your Own Pet is an awesome band. If you like punk or just loud music then you should dig them. Their self-titled debut featured one of my favorite songs of the new millennium (“Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are my Bicycle”) and they were a highlight when I saw them at Lollapalooza – especially since the singer puked on stage and then wiped off her mouth and finished the set.

Everyone reading this should buy their new record Get Awkward. It’s a great step forward for them, more slickly produced and refined but still retaining their raw power and insanity. However, if you’re buying it in America you aren’t getting the full release. Some vapid shitbag at Universal Records decided that three of the tracks on it were “too violent” and pulled them from the album. Even with these tracks pulled the album is stuck with a parental advisory warning – so whomever this douchebag is he’s basically telling adults that they shouldn’t listen to the music they want. Record labels don’t want you to illegally download right? Then why do they do stupid shit like this?

By removing these songs from the album they force the band’s fans to go online and download them at evil anti-capitalist siteslike this one. I want to find this anti-violence executive and staple is balls to his leg. This Is Boston, Not L.A. This is a seminal punk release that chronicled the hardcore punk scene in Boston (duh). It was later released on CD for a short time and included six bonus tracks.

I don’t have those since these are off of my own vinyl. If you like hardcore punk then you’ll dig this. Listen to it and punch a hippie (or a shithead record executive). Okay, I’m really angry right now. I got my reasons and I’m going to stick by them, but what is really getting my goat at the moment is the news that Converse is releasing a limited edition series of “Kurt Cobian Converse” that will feature his signature and selected passages and images from his journals plastered on the sides and even in the soles of them. You can read more (and see vomit-inducing pics of the monstrosities). And before you ask, yes Courtney was involved.

SighI don’t even know where to begin. I don’t consider Kurt a saint or some heavenly figure that is beyond reproach or anything like that, but this is fucked up. How do you, with a clear conscience, exploit and commercialize someone who spent his entire life not wanting to be exploited or commercialized? I don’t have a problem with Nirvana songs being used in movies or video games – but this crosses the line into poor taste.

How does Courtney justify this move in her fucked-up overly medicated shitstorm of a mind. Secondly, the idea of plastering them with writings from Kurt’s journals is just a real dick move. I was against the publication of those journals when they were first released and this just pisses me off more. Kurt was an intensely private individual and would not want to see people sporting his personal writings as hip fashion statements.

Also the whole “punk rock is freedom” thing is something Kurt wrote a very long time ago (I know this from reading Heavier Than Heaven – a good but not great book about Kurt) and it was something he later recanted as he became upset with the punk rock community’s inability to embrace anything new. Since Converse (and Courtney) are so willing to let the world view Kurt’s inner-pain and deepest feelings in the form of shoes, why don’t they make a model off of this pair: I can imagine the ad copy now, “Converse’s Cobain Collection continues with the extra-limited edition Suicide Black Edition! Each pair comes with dirt and bloodstains as well as the faint smell of gunpowder and rotting flesh!” I also want to mention that ever since Converse was bought by Nike their shoes suck.

But you probably didn’t come here to read my rantings and ravings about a capitalist society gone amuck and the raping of our culture did you? You came here for the music. Well, you’re still not going to escape Nirvana because everything today is by them. These tracks are from a large variety of sources, including official imports and singles, compilation albums and bootlegs (mainly the Outcesticide series).

I didn’t include anything that is easily available though. Nor did I select anything that was on the With The Lights Out box set. Do You Love Me?

This was originally on a Kiss tribute album called Hard To Believe. Krist sings on this one and after about 20 seconds of hearing it you’ll understand why they never let the lanky bastard sing again. I had a friend who had this track and he played it so much one day that his mom grounded him – it annoyed her that much. Return Of The Rat This was originally recorded by The Wipers and released on a Wipers tribute album.

It was eventually put out on the With The Lights Out box set, but that version was remixed and tweaked. This is the original version that appeared on the tribute album. Lithium (Alternate Version “Mix Six”) This recording of slightly subpar quality is an early version of Lithium. It’s much shorter than the final one. The Money Will Roll Right In Not a Nirvana original.

I don’t know where this recording was originally from or who recorded it first. Untitled Home Demo This is frequently called “Bambi Kill'” or “Bambi Slaughter” by bootleggers. But that’s an entirely different tune. Odds are this doesn’t even have a name. Asking For It A Hole song. This early version features Kurt on backup vocals though.

He pops in at the end. Blew (Live) Been A Son (Live) Stain (Live) These three live tracks are taken off of a vinyl 45 bootleg called “Alive II”. I can’t find my physical copy right now, but I remember it mentioning that they were recorded at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. Moist Vagina A demo version of this insanely creepy tune was on the With The Lights Out box set but oddly enough the final studio version was left off.

It was previously released on the All Apologies CD single. Spank Thru (1985 Fecal Matter Recording) Sappy (1990 Studio Demo) Come As You Are (Boom Box Version) These three demos and home recordings are from the “Sliver: Best Of The Box” release. Courtney put these three tracks that weren’t on the box set on this single CD release to gyp completists out there into buying both. Smooth move there bitch. You think the sales of the massive box set would’ve given the whore enough money, but I guess those drugs aren’t cheap. Spank Thru As far as I know this is the studio version of the ode to masturbation that was originally on Sub Pop 200.

I could be wrong though. I do know that the studio version was inexplicably left off of the With The Lights Out box set. Random Bullshit This untitled track was a bonus to freaks like me who picked up “From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah.” It’s not a song but rather a collection of funny things Kurt, Dave and Krist said on stage. This caused a temporary catch phrase between my friends and I after we first heard it; “You called me a vagina? How dare you?”.

So I planned a big week of Pet Shop Boys posts but on Tuesday I got tied up with school (and by school I mean Super Smash Bros. Brawl) and yesterday my server was down so I couldn’t upload anything so instead of updating I went back to myschoolwork for a few more hours. Now everything is fine and I’m done studying (my thumbs hurt) so I figured I’d just say fuck it to the slow burn and put them all up at once, enjoy. These are all tracks from my various 12” singles. Most of the B-sides are also available on the group’s B-side collection Alternative. If you ever see that 2-disc set pick it up, it’s probably the best B-side compilation you’ll ever buy.

Quick little addendum. I was rocking out to my extended mix of “Flashlight” the other day when I realized that I could dance the night away to a George Clinton song like that one and not one person would question my manliness. However, if I decided to rock out to some “West End Girls” or “DJ Culture” I’d get weird looks and stares (and I’m sure it would have nothing to do with the fact that I am a 6’6” geek that can’t dance).

This is totally not fair. I bet if Snoop Dogg sampled some “How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously” then this would never happen. Absolutely Fabulous 7” Mix Absolutely Fabulous (Dull Soulless Dance Music Mix) Absolutely Fabulous (Our Tribe Toungue-In-Cheek Mix) Absolutely Fabulous (Absolutely Dubulous) How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? (12” Mix) How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?

(Classical Reprise) How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? (7” Perfect Attitude Mix) Being Boring (Marshall Jefferson 12” Mix) We All Feel Better In The Dark DJ Culture (Extended Mix) Music For Boys (Part 2) It’s A Sin (Disco Mix) You Know Where You Went Wrong So Hard (Extended Dance Mix) It Must Be Obvious West End Girls (Extended Dance Version) A Man Could Get Arrested. So I’ve spent most of today huddled in my house hiding from all that snow that’s outside. Before Pittsburgh got hit with a fustercluck of winter weather suckness I did manage to crawl out of my hole and head down to. Those of you in the Pittsburgh area should check out his store this month, he’s having a huge 12” single sale. 4 singles for 10 bucks.

Download Free Dance Mixes

You can’t beat that shit. Also, inside the massive complex that is Jerry’s Records a new store has opened called. They cater more to the DJ crowd and sell new vinyl as well as older singles in the hip-hop, dance and house genres. Their stuff is a little on the pricey side but otherwise very good. I haven’t left my house since returning from that excursion into the real world so I’ve had a pretty boring night in front of the computer. I ended up Googling this blog looking for what people have said about me. I found this comment from Idolator’s comment board pretty funny: Lost Turntable that guy just seems to post some of the weirdest 12″ mixes, he just puts up a serious global mind-fuck of tracks I have never heard of, odd remixes and then goes on occasional theme posts.

All I know is, it’s fun to see him posting not only Madonna remixes, but then going on some Ghetto Boy’s tangent. Download game surgeon simulator. Searching through all those sites that mention me led me to some pretty good blogs, so astute readers might notice that I’ve updated the links section (look to your right). If anyone has any suggestions for more I should add shoot me an email. I try to focus on remix or vinyl-centric blogs for the most part. I don’t like linking to blogs that feature zips or rar files of easily obtainable albums.

I also added some non-MP3 links to the side, including my page and the music page at, which is where I contribute CD reviews and such. And are pretty big sites so I don’t think I have to mention what they are. Is my new favorite stupid obsession, everyone should check that out. And if you like online radio then you need to listen to, and I’m not just saying that because their Music Director put a link to my site on his. Berlin With A Touch (Rafe’s Tribal House Remix) With A Touch (Giorgio Moroder Mix) With A Touch (JohnO TekHousePop Remix) I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (until the restraining order is placed), I have an unhealthy crush on Terri Nunn.

I want to marry her and we’ll live synthpop ever after. These tracks are off a 12” single.

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Sex On Wheelz (Motor City Remix) Sex On Wheelz (Glamour Dyke Remix) Sex On Wheelz (Freak Street Remix) Farout 1 When trying to find something interesting about these guys I stumpled upon this little gem from Wikipedia: The “Sexplosion!” tour in 1991 achieved a particularly notorious reputation. In addition to being interestingly staged, featuring an actual bar and bartender onstage with the band, the show also featured a male/female duo known as Ten and Avaluscious White, who appeared onstage dressed in a number of different guises. At one point, Ten was dressed as Jesus strapped to a cross and featuring a large black dildo between his legs, while Avaluscious White simulated oral sex on him.

This created controversy and protest in a number of American locations, adding to the band’s notoriety. Anyone got a tape of that? New Order Crystal (Remix) Sub-Culture (Remix) Dub-Vulture This is latter-day New Order so while these tunes aren’tas good or memborable as say “Bizarre Love Triangle” or “Blue Monday” they’re still great dance tracks. With this post I’ve now completely exhausted my supply of New Order remixes. Hopefully I’ll find more and this problem will not be a long term one. Okay, so I a couple of several announcements to make. First of all, since I have the patience of a tweaked-out meth head downing pixie stix, I went ahead and bought the Ion USB turntable mostly because it was the best one I could find locally.

I’m generally pleased with it, but it does have some issues: First of all, the USB support is ass. The computer geek in me should have known this going in. You cannot just plug the turntable’s USB cable into your computer and expect everything to work. While a direct USB connection will allow you to record your LPs with relative ease (i.e. No external soundcard) – listening to records this way is nearly impossible.

For some reasons you need some special software (Audacity – which I fucking HATE) and then still you can only listen to the songs if you’re recording them at the same time. And the playback sounds like shit if you do it. So after all of the hassle I ended up just hooking it up through my external soundcard like my Numark was. After all that though I must say that I am impressed by it. Stock trading app for mac windows 10. It can play over more scratches than my previous turntables, and I like the pause/play function it has. It’s very sensitive, so it does pick up dust a little more often than my other turntables, but it also delivers a richer, more dynamic sound so it’s a pretty good trade-off.

Sade Unreleased Dance Mixes Rar Files

I like this turntable, but I don’t think I would recommend it to anyone out there, because the USB functionality is pretty useless. Since I already had the equipment needed to hook up the turntable to my computer sans USB cable that really wasn’t an issue for me, but if you don’t you’ll be really bummed out when you try to plug and play this sucker. Okay, onto some other news (don’t worry the MP3s are coming).

I bought the new NIN album Ghosts I-IV this week and I have to say that I’m really digging it. In case you haven’t heard Trent released this collection of 36 instrumentals this week via his website for the low low cost of $5.

That’s just for the download, a physical copy costs more. It’s a five bucks well spent for industrial fans, and great background music for when you’re studying, reading, cutting yourself etc. Okay, now let’s get to the tunes. Madonna Don’t Tell Me (Tino Maas Mix) Don’t Tell Me (Vission Remix) Don’t Tell Me (Thunderpuss’ 2001 Hands In The Air Anthem) Don’t Tell Me (Tracy Young Club Mix) Don’t Tell Me (Victor Calderone Sensory Mix) I did not know this was a cover tune until I looked it up online. Turns out it was written by Madonna’s brother-in-law Joe Henry, who is a semi-successful country artist in his own right.

I guess that explains the country vibe in the video and in the original version of the song. These remixes have about as much country in them as a Duran Duran track. Duran Duran (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (Jason Nevins Club Mix) (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (Ferry Corsten Dub Mix) (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (Peter Presta Apple Jaxx Mix) (Reach Up For The) Sunrise (Peter Presta NY Tribal Mix) Well, speak of the pop devil, it’s Duran Duran. So one time I was at this release party in Pittsburgh for a comic book anthology. The event was also a showcase for a few local bands, including one that featured a member of the local insanity-fest.

This band ended up being Tehran Iran, a punk rock Duran Duran cover band that performed dressed as Arab sheiks. They never broke character throughout their entire show and closed the gig by going into Flock Of Seagulls territory with a cover of “I Ran” (get it!?!?) Totally awesome.

And I tell that story because I really have nothing to say about Duran Duran and these good-but-not-great remixes from a 12” single. Organ Donors 4 Tribes (Wanna Be Startin’ Something) (Clive King Remix) 4 Tribes (Wanna Be Startin’ Something) (Original Mix) 4 Tribes (Wanna Be Startin’ Something) (Supreme Dream Team Remix) First of all that’s a great name for a band.if they played the organ.

Sade unreleased dance mixes rar download free

This is really some DJ (or DJs, I can never tell) so the name is kind of a let down. These are remixes of a song that is in itself a highly tweaked remix of Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Something.” Quality listening material if for the extended “mamma-say mammawhatever” chants and nothing else. The first mix is a little scratchy but as it picks up you can barely hear them. This blog is intended to shine light on music that has been unjustly lost through the years.

If you can find the stuff here, buy it. Songs are only available for a limited time. If you own the copyright to anything here, email me at lostturntable AT yahoo DOT com and I will have them removed.

RANT For the love of God don't leave random requests in my comment section. If I have it, I'll post it here eventually, nothing you say is going to make me buy a record you're too damn lazy to find yourself. Finally, DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO ANY OF MY FILES. Old Posts Old Posts. Search.

01 i will be your friend.mp3 02 smooth operator.mp3 03 slave song.mp3 04 hang on to your love.mp3 05 never as good as the first time.mp3 06 pearls (somalia mix).mp3 07 paradise.mp3 08 turn my back on you.mp3 09 kiss of life.mp3 10 clean heart.mp3 11 cherry pie.mp3 12 war of the hearts.mp3 13 keep looking.mp3 14 the sweetest taboo.mp3 15 tar baby.mp3 16 love is stronger than pride (mad professor remix).mp3 17 king of sorrow (guru remix).mp3 18 cherish the day (ronin remix).mp3 19 is it a crime.mp3 20 no ordinary love.mp3 21 by your side (the neptunes remix).mp3 22 your love is king.mp3. SADE - THE BEST OF 01 Sade - Your Love Is King.mp3 02 Sade - Hang On To Your Love.mp3 03 Sade - Smooth Operator.mp3 04 Sade - Jezebel.mp3 05 Sade - The Sweetest Taboo.mp3 06 Sade - Is It A Crime.mp3 07 Sade - Never As Good As The First Time.mp3 08 Sade - Love Is Stronger Than Pride.mp3 09 Sade - Paradise.mp3 10 Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us.mp3 11 Sade - No Ordinary Love.mp3 12 Sade - Like A Tattoo.mp3 13 Sade - Kiss Of Life.mp3 14 Sade - Please Send Me Someone To Love.mp3 15 Sade - Cherish The Day.mp3 16 Sade - Pearls.mp3.

Upload:, 22:05 227 Artist: Sade Title Of Album: Unreleased Dance Mixes Year Of Release: 2005 Label: Raid Box Entertainment Genre: Pop, soul, jazz Quality: MP3 Bitrate: 192 kbps Total Time: 02:11:55 Total Size: 181.21 Mb RE-UP - 2011-11-02 CD1 1. Kiss Of Life 2. Hang On To Your Love 3. Sophocles The Theban Plays Penguin Classics Pdf Free more.

Slave Song 4. Killer Blow 5. Sweetest Taboo 6. By Your Side 7. Surrender Your Love 8. I Will Be Your Friend 9. Couldn`t Love You More CD2 1.

Never Thought I`d See The Day 2. Love Is Stronger Than Pride 3.

Like A Tattoo 4. By Your Side (Dub) 5.

Sade Unreleased Dance Mixes Rar. Store & share your files with Mixer, composer and keyboard wizard was one of the UK dance music. Sade - Unreleased Dance Mixes.rar. On IsraBox you can listen Sade - Unreleased Dance Mixes - 2005 for review is also you can download free music albums. Sade Unreleased Dance Mixes Rar. Ron Hardy Mixes - Gridface. In the mid- eighties, Ron Hardy was one of Chicago’s most influential DJs. Download Sade - Discography (1984-2008) or any other file from Music category. HTTP download also available at fast speeds.

King Of Sorrow 7. Nothing Can Come Between Us 8. Pearls DOWNLOAD RAPIDGATOR.NET DOWNLOAD TURBOBIT.NET Download Sade - Unreleased Dance Mixes - 2005 - mp3, flac, ape, wav free. Sade - Unreleased Dance Mixes - 2005 free download download link.

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