Apple macOS high Sierra was the 13 instalment of the Mac operating system. Like its predecessors, it brings so many new features including a brand new file system. Other major features upgrades include new photos app with better editing tools, faster and better safari with almost 80% fast javascript rendering than chrome (at the time of its launch). Apart from these feature updates macOS high sierra also includes many bug fixes and security enhancements.

Now in 2018 as macOS Mojave is released I would highly recommend you to install macOS Mojave on your mac because it contains many bug fixes, new features and also apfs file system is more stable as compared to macOS high sierra. But if your mac is not supported by macOS mojave then you can download macOS high sierra from these download links.

This article contains links which can be installed on a real mac as well as can be used to build a Hackintosh.

Talking about MacOS Mojave VS MacOS High Sierra: Should you upgrade to MacOS Mojave? Then the Finder gets little changes of its own. There’s a new Gallery view, which replaces the Cover Flow view. Gallery view is more like the view you get when scrolling through various photos and you’ll also get a sidebar with metadata. That’s it, you have successfully installed the latest MacOS Sierra 10.12.3 on your Kaby Lake laptop or PC. Wait for a While until everything sets up. Setting Up MacOS Sierra and Upgrading to Sierra 10.12.6. Now connect to the internet using the Ethernet port of your PC or Laptop as Wi-Fi will not work. Then go to AppStore.

Download from the apple app store.

macOS high sierra can still be downloaded from the official app store, whenever Apple releases a new version of macOS they make the older version of macOS hidden but still they can be accessed and installed on a mac.

To download macOS high sierra from apple app store go to this link, it will automatically open the app store if you are opening the link on a mac.

Download using the macOS High sierra patcher tool.

Many have reported that the file downloaded from the official Apple app store is of only 20MB but the actual size of the setup of macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 is 4.9GB. The issue is not fixed till now and is still present. Those who have faced this issue you can use this method to download the full setup of macOS High Sierra from apple servers.

The patch tool is developed by Collin to install macOS high sierra on unsupported Macs. The primary job of the tool is to patch the installer so it can be installed on unsupported Macs but through this tool, you can also download the installer.

To download the full macOS high sierra installer simply download the tool from the developer’s Google drive then run the tool.

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Now, from the toolbar click on “Tools” and then click the download option, then wait for the download to complete and the installer will appear in the Apps folder.

Download using torrent (Official .app).

If you prefer using torrents or have limited bandwidth per day then you can also download the installer using torrent. This is the official App present in the app store and not modified for Hackintosh, So you can use it to upgrade your mac.

Download from Apple’s server.

The download links present in this section are from Apple’s server directly. You can download every version of macOS from the apple server directly. However you will not get a single .app format from it, they are in dmg format and are multiple files and cannot be used directly to upgrade your system to macOS high sierra. But you can use these images to make a bootable USB from these images use can restore the images from disk utility into a USB drive and try to boot with it. A more detailed guide can be found in but it is Hackintosh focused but it will also work on a real mac.

The direct download links for macOS high sierra 10.13.6 from Apple’s servers are:-

Download macOS high sierra dmg for Hackintosh.

This dmg image is converted from the macOS high sierra 10.13.6 app. It is only for building Hackintosh. The dmg already includes clover bootloader, so you can restore the image and install the OS on your pc. Here in HackintoshPro, we have a much detailed guide on how to install macOS high sierra on pc.


While macOS Mojave is released macOS high sierra still can be download and installed from the app store. If you are looking for installing or upgrading to high sierra on a mac I highly recommend you to download the app from the Apple app store because it is the easiest method, but if in some case you are not able to download the app from app store then try downloading the dmg files from the Apple’s servers directly and create a bootable USB from it and then install it on your mac.


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The App Store is the best channel to download macOS updates for many people. It works well if you have a smooth network connection and if there are no billing issues on your Apple ID. However, certain times, the download through the App Store is not practical, especially when your Mac is not booting up. In that case, you may want to download a macOS installer in DMG format for making a recovery medium. Let’s check out the options to get macOS Catalina (10.15.4), Mojave (10.14.6), High Sierra (10.13.6) offline installers from and outside the store environment.

Download macOS offline installer [DMG] for Catalina & High Sierra

We have an article about making a macOS bootable DVD and USB Disk on Windows PC. This method is mainly useful for people whose Mac is in a corrupted state and when they don’t have a backup. But one need macOS in DMG format for this recovery process. The macOS offline installer (.app) downloaded from the App Store is not compatible with Windows. We have to convert macOS to ISO or DMG on a Mac, before transferring it to Windows for use on Virtualbox and other apps.

Unfortunately, most users who search for the DMG version of macOS probably don’t have their system working. Don’t have a Mac? we will help you with downloading macOS DMG and restore it using a Windows PC.

As shown in the image, the macOS DMG installer will show “macOS detected” message if you have Parallels virtualization app installed. It is because this DMG file is bootable, which you can burn to a USB pen drive or DVD from Windows using a tool like Transmac.

One may use this DMG installer to recover a corrupted Mac or run Catalina or Mojave on unsupported Apple devices. Our file is un-modified, and it’s legal as it works only on a Mac hardware. We have macOS Mojave 10.14.6, High Sierra 10.13.6, and Catalina 10.15.4 DMG and ISO files in our OneDrive folder for direct and free download. Just mail us to for our personal support plan on macOS installer. Please note that we do not provide help for Hackintosh.

We are very sorry for not extending the download for everyone. MacOS Catalina is about 8GB, and providing a direct link costs us much on the hosting side; also, it is illegal to do so. We also invest our time in offering email support. However, you can always purchase a macOS offline USB installer from Amazon.

Looking for Mac OS offline update DMG installer? check below.

Download macOS DMG updates installer [2020]

Apple no longer provides the full installer of macOS in DMG format. What they provide in DMG extension is the incremental security and supplemental updates for the already existing OS. That means the macOS DMG files listed on some sites are not the full-size macOS installer. They cannot be used to re-install or recover a computer. These macOS DMG files are actually offline update installers.

Get a DMG installer if you get the error message “macos update could not be installed” in the App store or if the software update download is stuck because of network issues or for any reason.

Latest macOS offline update installers as on 08-04-2020.

Download macOS Catalina offline update 10.15.4 [DMG]: Click here, Combo Update: Click here, Supplemental update: Click here.

Mac OS OS Mojave 10.14.6 DMG update: Combo (Click here), Security update 2020-002Click here.

MacOS High Sierra 2020-002 DMG (latest Security update): Click here

Download macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 DMG (final combo update):Click here

If your computer is running macOS Mojave, download Combo Update 10.15.4 which includes security & bug fixes and new features in one single DMG file. Mac OS High Sierra users do not expect any feature or combo update in 2020 as a new OS has been released. But we believe that Apple will continue issuing security updates for the High Sierra 10.13.6, the version run by all last generation Macs.

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Where is macOS full installer (.app) downloaded to?

Usually, people who update to the latest macOS version from the App Store directly proceed to installation when they complete downloading the files. Here, they won’t be able to take a backup of macOS installer as it gets deleted from the system during the upgrade. Saving a copy of the OS is useful if you have multiple Macs. By this way, you could transfer the Mac OS to a USB Flash Drive and launch installation on all systems.

So where is macOS offline installer for Catalina or High Sierra downloaded to? When the App Store finishes transferring the OS to your Mac, an app (icon) starts bouncing on the dock with an upgrade prompt on the screen. Just close it if you want to save the Mac OS for future use.

Now click on the Finder app, and go to the “Applications” folder. Then locate the “Install macOS Catalina” app, which is, in fact, the full macOS installer. Copy the offline OS file to a safe location. Now double-click on the installer and proceed to upgrade the Mac as usual.

Direct download link for macOS installer on App Store.

It is effortless to save Mac OS offline installer if you follow the above method, which uses the App store. But sometimes when you search old macOS versions, you won’t find any results in the App store. All the recent releases of macOS are downloadable from the store, but the listings are not public. Hence, you need a direct link to the macOS listing in the app store if you would like to download them.

Direct download link for macOS Catalina 10.15.4, here, Mojave 10.14.6 (here), High Sierra 10.13.6 (here), Sierra 10.12.6 (here) on App Store.

Download macOS Catalina 10.15.4 offline installer

A new version of macOS, Catalina 10.15.4, is now available for all Macintosh computers released after 2012. If your hardware permits Catalina installation, you may access it directly from the App Store by clicking the link above. Now, if you have any problem with App Store based download, here is an alternative to download macOS Catalina offline installer. Get the Catalina Patcher application from dosdude, and follow the steps below. Please visit for new versions of this tool.

  1. Mount the DMG file after download and click on the Catalina icon to begin.
  2. Then press Continue until you see Download a Copy.
  3. Select a location for saving the macOS Catalina download.
  4. Now the will fetch the macOS Catalina 10.15 offline installer as shown above.

TIP: If you can’t open the application, and getting an unidentified developer error, check our post on fixing the “installer can’t be opened” errors in Catalina.

Download macOS High Sierra 10.13 full installer without the app store

Generally when Apple releases macOS upgrade the main focus is to cover maximum devices in terms of compatibility. But it was a total disappointment to know that my iMac which I recently upgraded to an SSD drive is not eligible for Mojave as it doesn’t have the minimum requirements for the update. Like me, many people are still using the previous version of macOS on their system, and the last build they all could install is macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. If you own a system purchased before 2012, the High Sierra is probably the final version of macOS compatible with your machine.

The High Sierra is there in the macOS app store. Unfortunately, I can’t access the Store because of a payment issue with my previous purchase. After checking a few alternatives, I found a reliable third-party app to download macOS without the app store.

  • Download macOS High Sierra Patcher from this link.
  • Open the app and find Tools from the menu. Now, press on the option to download macOS High Sierra.
  • Choose a suitable location to save the macOS High Sierra as an offline installer.

We believe that it is legal to download macOS installer in this way as you are fetching the files from a Mac hardware.

A video illustration of downloading macOS Mojave and High Sierra without the App store is given above.

Download macOS Mojave 10.14.6 installer without app store

The offline installer for macOS Mojave is just a click away in the App Store if you are on an eligible Mac. However, if your system is not compatible with Mojave, a warning appears when you click the OS from the App Store. I got an error message “This version of macOS cannot be installed on this computer.” It is possible to bypass this message with the help of Mojave Patcher from Dosdude [get it here]. Be it server connectivity, incompatibility, or billing issue; this tool works effortlessly for downloading the latest macOS without App Store login.

Once you get the DMG file, mount it and open the macOS Mojave Patcher. Just like in the case of High Sierra, go to Tools, and click on “Download macOS Mojave.” The app starts fetching macOS directly from Apple servers when you Save the Location. You don’t need to provide an Apple ID or password.

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