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Born9 October 1956 (age 63)
Boscotrecase, Italy
Years active1976–1990

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Marina Pierro (born 9 October 1956) is an Italianactress and film director who is best known for her artistic relationship with Polish filmmaker Walerian Borowczyk. Pierro and Borowczyk's collaboration lasted approximately ten years and comprised five completed films (four of which were made when Pierro was in her twenties) and one foray into episodic television.

Pierro began her screen career with minor roles in several Italian films in 1976, including Luchino Visconti's final film, L'innocente (The Innocent), and an uncredited appearance as an extra in Dario Argento's Suspiria (1977). Pierro's first prominent role was as the self-styled stigmatic nun Sister Veronica in Walerian Borowczyk's 1978 film Interno di un Convento (Behind Convent Walls). Borowczyk discovered Pierro in an actors' yearbook whilst casting the film. Pierro admired Borowczyk's famous 1975 film La Bête (The Beast) and upon meeting the director she discovered they shared an interest in art, particularly painting. Pierro perceived Borowczyk to be a non-conformist by nature but also a sensitive man.[1] Borowczyk told Pierro that, as a fan of Italian Renaissance painters, he found in her 'the classic Italian figure.'[2]

Pierro went on to play the Renaissance artist Raphael's treacherous mistress Margherita Luti in the first episode of Borowczyk's 1979 anthology film Héroïnes du Mal (Immoral Women), a quasi-sequel to the director's 1973 erotic anthology film Contes immoraux (Immoral Tales).

Borowczyk intended to make a film about the life of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti starring Pierro, but this film was aborted in the preparation stage. Instead, Pierro's third film with Borowczyk was the 1981 horror filmDocteur Jekyll et les femmes (a.k.a. Dr Jekyll and his Women and Blood of Dr Jekyll). In Borowczyk's adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Pierro plays Fanny Osbourne (named after Stevenson's real-life wife), the fiancée of Dr Henry Jekyll (Udo Kier) and essentially an original character on the part of Borowczyk and Pierro. Relatively obscure at the time of its release, Docteur Jekyll et les femmes has enjoyed increasing critical esteem decades later. A restored version of the film was released by Arrow Films in 2015 as The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne, reflecting Borowczyk's preferred original title and the importance of Pierro's character in the narrative. (Pierro has remarked that the title Docteur Jekyll et les femmes is psychologically peurile and misinterprets the whole idea of the film.)[3]

Pierro's fourth film with Borowczyk was the 1983 Italian/French co-production Ars Amandi (Art of Love). In this film - based upon the writings of Ovid - Pierro plays Claudia, the wife of the Roman commander Macarius (Michele Placido) in Augustan Rome. Claudia takes as her lover Ovid's young student Cornelius (Philippe Taccini) while her husband is in Gaul. The film's coda takes place in the present day, with Pierro playing a young archaeologist, Claudine Cartier, who is en route from Rome to Paris.

Pierro also starred in Borowczyk's final feature-length film, 1987's love poem Ceremonie d'amour (Love Rites) as Myriam, a mysterious and philosophical prostitute who meets and seduces the vain, naive clothes buyer Hugo (Mathieu Carrière) in the Paris Métro. The film is based on the novel Tout disparaîtra by André Pieyre de Mandiargues. This was the only time Pierro played a modern-day character for the entirety of a Borowczyk film; her previous roles for the director were all set in historical periods of the past, excepting the conclusion of Art of Love.

However, Borowczyk and Pierro returned to a period setting for their final collaboration: “Un traitement justifié”, an episode of the French erotic television seriesSoftly from Paris (a.k.a Série rose). Filmed in 1989 and first broadcast on 3 February 1990, Pierro plays an adulterous wife in an episode adapted from the fifth tale of the seventh night in Giovanni Boccaccio’s 14th century collection The Decameron. A jealous, middle-aged husband (Witold Heretynski) disguises himself as a priest, and hears his wife Bianca's confession: she tells him she loves a priest who comes to her every night. The husband posts himself at the door to watch for the priest; meanwhile, Bianca takes advantage of a gap in the wall to bring her young lover - the next-door neighbor, who is not a priest - into her house for erotic encounters.

Besides her work with Borowczyk, Pierro's most notable role was in Jean Rollin's 1982 French horror film La Morte Vivante (The Living Dead Girl) as Hélène, the friend of the titular character (played by Françoise Blanchard).[4]

Pierro's appearances on screen have been fleeting since the 1980s, but she has directed three short films since - In Versi (2008, also starring), Himorogi (2012, also writer/producer), and Floaters (2016, also writer/producer). Himorogi is a homage to Walerian Borowczyk that features electroacoustic music by Bernard Parmegiani (who had provided music for Docteur Jekyll at les femmes three decades before) and is co-directed by Pierro's son Alessio Pierro (the cinematographer of Pierro's three short films). Himorogi is included as an extra feature in Arrow Films' Blu-ray release of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne; another feature is a video interview Pierro recorded in 2015, recounting her decade-long collaboration with Borowczyk.


1976Taxi Love, Servizio per Signora
1976Sorbole.. Che Romagnola!Assistant physiotherapist
1976I ProssenetiMaid
1976L'InnocenteEnglish title - The Innocent
1977SuspiriaFigurant (uncredited)
1978Interno di un ConventoSister VeronicaEnglish title - Behind Convent Walls
1979Les Héroïnes du MalMargherita LutiEnglish title - Immoral Women
1981Docteur Jekyll et les femmesMiss Fanny OsbourneEnglish titles - Dr Jekyll and his Women, Blood of Dr Jekyll, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne
1982La Morte VivanteHélèneEnglish title - The Living Dead Girl
1983Ars AmandiClaudiaEnglish title - Art of Love
1987Cérémonie D'AmourMyriamEnglish title - Love Rites
1990La Scommessashort
2008In Versidirectorshort
2012Himorogiwriter, producer, directorshort
2016Floaterswriter, producer, directorshort
1982La quinta donnaAnna TothTV mini-series
1987Cinque Storie InquietantiSaraTV mini-series
1990Série RoseBiancaTV series episode directed by Walerian Borowczyk


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