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    Microcontroller based voice announcement system offers a complete Digital Voice Announcement Technology solution package that is economical and reliable.


    Microcontroller based LED display board can provide the information of a train at the enquiry counters.


    This is a microcontroller based display device which offers a complete Digital solution for ticket description system for Indian Railways.


    Integrated GPS system with microcontroller based digital clock mainly used in the offices, Railway Stations,


    LED based Digital tower clock cum temp. & Humidity is big and robust installed at the top of a tower or at the top of any huge building.


    LED display in Single & Multi line available in 3 colours (Red, Green Amber). It is a server client based operational device. Download game surgeon simulator.

  • Information Display system in LCD panel

    It is also a replica of Electronic Reservation Chart Display which can be used for addressing the public in various sectors like Railway Stations,


    This is a software based television display system for Indian Railways. This is mainly used as public addressing system for displaying the waitlisted status of the passengers travelling in a specific train.


    Vivid image and video, rich in describing the details of color.


    It records the communication between train driver with the passengers as well as with the guard.


    RFID uses radio waves produced by a reader to detect the presence of (then read the data stored on) an RFID tag.


    Automated Carriage Rolling In & Out stock surveillance system offers an easy and ideal solution to monitor the carriages and detects hot axle boxes to improve the safety.

Railway API is organized around GET Requests. One can use this API to get information for Indian Railways regarding Live Train Status, PNR Status, Train Schedule, Station Details and other things. To use this API, one must need the API key, which can be get form here. Note: User need to create an account on then only can use the. Management of message priorities is implemented in the software. It is also possible to block other sources of train announcements when the “°door°”.

Free Download Indian Railway Announcement Software

The traveler announcement system created by CLEARSY is definitely interfaced with the 2 control systems for the doors on opposite sides of the train. It broadcasts pre-recorded sounds selected in accordance with specific circumstances, like as: the opening of the doors the closing of the doors alerts. It makes it possible to manage two doorways concurrently and is certainly linked to 4 loudspeakers (2 inner sound system, 2 external loudspeakers) and receives message generation commands from each doorway controller. Administration of information priorities can be implemented in the software. It can be also probable to block other resources of train bulletins when the “°door°” announcement generator broadcasts a information. The program conforms to thé NF f 16-102 fireplace safety standard and to thé NF 50155 and NF 74-001-Back button rolling stock specifications. CLEARSY has developed this item around an structures based on a PIC32 micro-controller on a Fersil printed circuit panel equipped with all the electrical interfaces to web page link to the loudspeakers and to the door control systems.

The sounds are recorded in a storage in compressed digital format, free of royalties and communication with the doors system is usually sent via a May coach. The sound can be decompressed by thé software to transform the electronic file format into analogue in order to send it to the loudspeaker(s) in mono or stereo system digital setting at 44100Hz. A multiplatform graphics application can make it probable to established the SAS plank and to finé-tune the settings of each sound via a RS485 interface. As component of developing the leading component of the programme CLEARSY has: Modified the software, the printed circuit plank, the covering and its interfaces for individual language Performed integration assessment on the train Performed affirmation tests on site It is certainly prepared to supply SAS systems for all Regiolis locomotives.

We are engaged processing, exporting and supplying of Digital Display Boards, Directed Digital Clock, lsolated Converters. In óur item variety, we provide Production Screen Planks, Multiline tricolours Planks, Led Shifting Message Planks, Interest Price Planks, Isolated Converters, Brought Digital Clocks, Currency exchange Display Boards and Andon Screen Boards. Our product range is fabricated from higher grade natural materials and is certainly widely used in different industries like Business houses, General public sector undertakings and Investing houses. We are backed by a well-developed facilities that will be outfitted with all the contemporary machines and equipment required for a well-established facilities. These products are totally checked out by our quality controllers from thé procurement of thé fresh materials till the shipping of the item at customers end. Owing to the high quality requirements of our items, we possess acquired a huge client bottom across the Indian Subcontinent, East Asia, Middle East and Southerly.

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