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How is Generalized Mesh Viewer abbreviated? GMV stands for Generalized Mesh Viewer. GMV is defined as Generalized Mesh Viewer very rarely. GMV is an easy to use, 3-D scientific visualization tool designed to view simulation data from any type of structured or unstructured mesh. The following links will aide you in your search for GMV related information.


Gmv General Mesh Viewer

For automatisation purposes I developed a few years ago a Perl script called gmvmpeg that simplifies the generation of MPEG movies from a sequence of visualisation data files in GMV format1. Right from the beginning, the script has been able to create movies “in background ” on (remote) computers, i.e. without the need for X Windows or even an interactive shell. Over the years, the script has been extended to create either MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 format, to run in parallel, to determine the path for every helper application it relys on automatically, in short: to be more user-friendly and foolproof. This paper is intended to present the current state of development. What it does There are numerous software packages for the visualisation of numerical data. For the visualisation of data resulting from simulations with FEAST [Bec04, BGTW04] and FEATFLOW [BT98] GMV (General Mesh Viewer) of Los Alamos National Laboratory belongs to our favourite tools. For an overview of the features of this program please

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