May 01, 2020  Far Cry 2 - Infamous Difficulty - 31 - Re-education (Part 2) Ultra Joe. Unsubscribe from Ultra Joe? Cancel Unsubscribe. Far Cry 2 uses a multithreaded renderer, meaning the rendering happens in a thread separate from the main game loop. This pipelining, which is performed by default, increases framerate substantially but at the cost of one frame of latency.

Far Cry 2 No Malaria and Infinite Sprint is a mod for Far Cry 2, created by FancyRaptor.


Removes non-story-related malaria attacks and the sprint limit for Far Cry 2.

To install:

Extract to game’s folder.


Report problems with download to [email protected] Nicholas carr does it matter pdf creator.






7 days

Far Cry 2 - Jackal Mod v.1.21mod43.3 MB5/7/201832.1K269
Far Cry 2 - v.1.03patch33.9 MB6/4/200915.8K144
Far Cry 2 - Far Cry 2.5: New Dunia v.29042020mod537.5 MB5/2/20201.6K80
Far Cry 2 - Far Cry 2: Redux v.27122019mod28.7 MB3/1/20201.9K67
Far Cry 2 - Graphical Enhancement Suite v.finalmod496.5 KB3/15/20158.8K56
Far Cry 2 - Far Cry 2 No Malaria and Infinite Sprint v.1.0mod8.2 MB6/16/201976448
Far Cry 2 - Play as Female v.1.2mod9.2 MB5/6/201962643
Far Cry 2 - RealMode v.1.3cmod26.2 MB12/18/20168.1K33
Far Cry 2 - Get Lost for Fortunes Pack DLC v.1.0mod6.5 MB9/26/20191.2K30
Far Cry 2 - Strelokgunslinger ENB Preset v.0.9mod842.4 KB8/8/20147.8K29
Far Cry 2 - bonus missionsaddon5.9 MB12/9/20089.1K25
Far Cry 2 - Hunter's Far Cry 2 Update GOG v.Final (15122018)mod16.2 MB2/12/201988421
Far Cry 2 - Hunter's Far Cry 2 Update Steam v.Final (15122018)mod16 MB2/12/201985419
Far Cry 2 - Get Lost v.1.0mod3.7 MB9/26/20193.9K15
Far Cry 2 - Infamous Fusion v.7xmod35.3 MB3/20/20175K14
Far Cry 2 - The Hell in Africa v.1.0mod7.2 MB3/15/20154K14
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