Fallout 4 Nuka-World is a vast amusement park featuring Raider gangs and unique park zones. A whole new set of quests, Raiders factions, weapons, creatures and more, but it all depends on what ending you want to choose. This guide will show you how to get good, bad and every ending possible in the Nuka-World DLC.

Fallout 4 Nuka-World Ending

The updated version of RGE (0.81) was made using Creation Kit for the latest version of Fallout 4. If you are using a version of Fallout 4 that predates (December 2019) you may want to try Raider Gangs Extended 0.8 found in the Old Files section. Starting a new game is recommended for the best experience with this mod. Raiders are low-powered, firearms-wielding Enemies in Fallout 4. Raiders carry Pipe Weapons and are encountered in groups throughout the Commonwealth.Some Raider groups can also be found alongside.

In the Final DLC of Fallout 4, the player will travel to Nuka-World to meet and deal with the Raiders and put back the peace or you can join them and choose the Bad ending. Just like other DLC, your chooses will lead you to different endings so let’s get started with the ending guide and see what all option you have in Nuka World.

How to Get Good Ending

The Good Ending can only be achieved if you decided to take down all 3 Raiders and free the people. Go ahead and start the Quest – ‘Open Season’ which will task you to kill each of the gang leaders – Mason, William Black, Mags Black and Nisha in the Nuka-world Market. In order to get this quest, you must visit Mackezie found in USA market. This will end the DLC early, but you will still have the chance to explore the park and collect all the collectibles to power up.

The side effect of this decision is the Streets will be empty and look like a dead park. Finding it Fun? We hate to say, but this not what we expect as a good ending. The operators will grant a bonus to stealth and weapons so continue to enjoy in the Park.

How to Get Bad Endings

The Bad ending is a bit interesting where you need to choose which Gang/Raider to support out of the three. At the end, one of the raider faction will turn against you and all you need to do is take them down and finish the quest. So let’s see how the Raiders life feels like by setting up a shop in the Theme park.

Once you decide to help the three gangs unite, you become their leader and start exploring each part of the Park’s region. You need to complete the primary quest – ‘The Grand Tour’ and ‘Home Sweet Home’. Which faction you end up fighting at the end will depend on how you favor building for each faction. If you split the park 3-1-1 or 5-0-0(even) then chances are instead of one, there will two factions getting against you during the ‘Power Play’.

One you restore the Park, the bad ending is done and you will be changed to vault dweller again. So let us know which ending do you prefer? Enjoy.

Getting the Best Ending from Nuka World


Please do NOT scroll down to read this page before you have completed most of the expansion or if you do NOT want to be exposed to spoiler content. You have been notified.

We are about to talk about the different endings for the Nuka World Expansion and as such we are about to wander into the realm of spoiler content. This is particularly true if you have yet to even play the game.

In video games when we talk about “good” and “bad” endings what we are really talking about is how an artificial morality - or karma if that sounds easier to accept - system plays out. Usually this sort of system is based on the decisions that the player makes that range from black-to-grey-to-white in terms of morality. Kill? Release? Burn? What you decide has a decided impact on the ending you end up receiving.

In the Nuka World Expansion to Fallout 4 there are FOUR endings that the player can unlock, of which ONE ending is chalked up for the Good Path, while the other THREE endings fall squarely on the Bad Path.

Which path you end up following pretty much applies to how you chose to play the game. And when you consider that there are basically four shades of grey available here, it should not be that hard for you to figure out how those cards fall. But to help you out here are the basic divisions:

(0) YOU -- The White ending comes down to choosing YOU as the alignment in the game. Remember once you make it through The Gauntlet victorious YOU are now the new Overboss. That's not a matter up for debate. What IS up for debate is which factions will end up favored - if any - and in this case the answer is that the favored faction is YOU!

Essentially what you are doing is choosing to be the good guy, and instead of leveraging the added power of one of the three major factions, you instead align your play - and all of the decisions that are part of it - to your own outlook and desire - which is necessarily for a good outcome.

The bad paths basically align with one of the three major gang factions - which means:

(1) The Operators -- The only proper Raider gang in the lot, The Operators are strong for a number of reasons, and not just because they are ruled and run by a brutal sister-brother team that, however sadistic they are, still have their eyes constantly on the prize: which is turf domination and earning income. That singular focus is what makes The Operators the obvious choice as the focus for your takeover and control efforts if only due to the groundwork that was laid by leaders who really make House Lannister look like rank amateurs.

(2) The Disciples -- A sadistic Raider gang that enjoys torturing people, from an organizational and willpower standpoint, this group is actually pretty easy to both intimidate and control once you set your mind to it largely because its makeup consists of a handful of leaders and an army of followers. At least part of the reason for that is that they are extremely narrow-minded and more interested in personal gratification than they are ensuring their survival as a group.

(3) The Pack -- While they do represent a cohesive group with a minimal structure in terms of leadership and control, The Pack is really more like a fraternity than a gang - and at that they are a fraternity whose primary interests seems to be gambling on the outcome of arranged animal fights and perpetrating violence at a personal level. These guys are very much into self-gratification and good times - they would certainly fit in at the University of Arizona - we're just saying, they could just as easily be named The Party as The Pack.

(0) Following the “Good” Morality Path

Following the “Good” morality path is how you complete the fastest method for reaching the end of the expansion, and it will see you basically defeating all of the Raiders. That means full exploration of the map and then following the path that is laid out by your interactions with Dr. Mackenzie and the Mission path that they offer you.

(1) Following the “Bad” Operators Morality Path

For the purposes of this path, what you will want to do is (1) complete as many side-quests for the Operators as you can get them to give you. Then (2) Grant The Operators control of as many of the sub-parks as you can grant them - preferably all five. Finally (3) choose them to be your favored faction for raids into the Wasteland.

That pretty much sums up what you need to do in order to trigger this specific ending.

(2) Following the “Bad” Disciples Morality Path

For the purposes of this path, what you will want to do is (1) complete as many side-quests for the Disciples as you can get them to give you. Then (2) Grant The Disciples control of as many of the sub-parks as you can grant them - preferably all five. Finally (3) choose them to be your favored faction for raids into the Wasteland.

That pretty much sums up what you need to do in order to trigger this specific ending.

(3) Following the “Bad” Pack Morality Path

For the purposes of this path, what you will want to do is (1) complete as many side-quests for The Pack as you can get them to give you. Then (2) Grant The Pack control of as many of the sub-parks as you can grant them - preferably all five. Finally (3) choose them to be your favored faction for raids into the Wasteland.

That pretty much sums up what you need to do in order to trigger this specific ending.

Morality Play

One aspect of the morality based faction ending system is that the more pure you try to play it, the less that there ends up being to do. Put another way - picking the purely good ending path is probably the fastest way to both complete the expansion and deprive yourself of its many different quests, paths, and partings.

The “bad” endings may be negative in their morality - in fact they are very much that - but they also happen to be a lot more interesting and filled with a LOT more content! The badder you are the closer you get to the end of the expansion the more you get to do,

The fact that you have to align yourself with one of the three Raider factions in order to walk that path aside, you should bear in mind that if you fail to stick to a strict following of the path you choose, it is very likely that it will not just be the two opposing bad factions that turn on you - it can be all three. And Ironically if you wait until the 11th hour to make a choice that pits all three against you, chances are pretty solid you waited too long to keep the good ending available to you.

So even if you destroy all three of the “bad” factions you may be unable to achieve a good result.

Ultimately which faction(s) you end up choosing to fight through to the ending of the expansion story will depend on how much favor you managed to build with each. If you are anything like us, just getting ONE of the endings is not going to be enough for you - so we strongly recommend that after you complete the battle at the Transit Station at the start of expansion play, you make a save - then write down the name and the date/time of that save, and then take great care not to overwrite it.

That way you can reload THAT save and play through the expansion again - and again - and finally again - in order to follow each of the four paths and ultimately receive each ending. Applying logic here, if you are shooting for the Good Ending, that should be the LAST one you play through - maning your fourth play through - so that when you get to the end you have all of the items and kit - weapons and armor - and the result you desire.

While this is a small spoiler in terms of information on game play, the ultimate path towards the end of the expansion in Nuka-World is basically dictated by the results of two core missions, which are:

(1) The Grand Tour -- As you play through The Grand Tour, you will be conquering each of the five main park areas, with the point being to win control of each and to raise the flag for your chosen faction over each.

Once you claim them for your chosen faction, each of the five sub-parks then belong to that faction and are under your control THROUGH that faction, which you are ostensibly the leader of. The point here being that you do have to choose one of them - there is simply no way to complete this pivotal part of play while maintaining good relations with all three.


(2) Home Sweet Home -- It is during this mission that you will be forced to select the Raider faction that you intend to favor - and this pretty much dictates the faction whose ending you are going to see.

Gaining the Desired Results?

Isolating two of the factions in the process of completing this pair of missions does NOT guarantee you will initiate hostilities with those factions - you may have to complete other actions to provoke that result - but that will not change the ending you receive, since it is the ending for the faction you have the highest faction points with that you see.

Basic math applies here - there are five (5) sub-parks, and in theory you can split control of the five in any way you like. So for example you could choose to split control in a pie sliced up as 3-1-1 -- and you are pretty much certain to see the ending for the faction with control over the majority of the sub-parks.

Of course splitting it up in a 5-0-0 pie also guarantees you see the favored faction ending - and increases the chances that you will come to odds with the two that are no longer represented and thus enjoy going to war with them even if you have to push the matter a little.

Once you complete the two missions above, you will automatically begin the final mission - which is called Power Play - and is the last mission during which faction points are widely impacted. It is during this mission that you ultimately make your choice.

The ultimate goal here is unlocking the two Perks that you can obtain via the expansion story. It goes without saying that your faction standing at the end of this is what dictates the Perks you receive - and of course you cannot obtain ALL of the Perks - only the two that apply to the choices you made in playing through the story.

The Perks you are choosing from are:

(1) Ace Operator: This Perk gives 25% Damage Bonus for Suppressed Weapons and a 10% Bonus for Stealth attacks when launched from the shadows.

Contents.Content The custom monsters are split into two parts: possessed zombies are placed in humans.wad, and the rest is places in monsters.wad. Doom hell knight sprite. It has a variety of fire-based attacks and is constantly orbited by two flaming meteors similar to those it can throw at its enemies.The sprites were created by, though the attack frames were based on those created by for the 'arch-demon' in. It has no legs, instead its lower body is made of flames and sparks. Both are found in the same zip archive, as well as two demo maps allowing to test the monsters.Monsters AfritThe afrit (not to be confused with the ) is a fiery-red flying variant of the.

(2) Chosen Disciple: This Perk provides a bonus of 25% to AP for Melee Kills.

(3) Pack Alpha: This Perk gives a 25% Bonus on all Melee and Unarmed Damage - plus a 25% Bonus to all Standard and Energy Damage Resistances.

You get to choose two of these - and which two you ultimately want will be based on the character build and style of play you prefer for the Sole Survivor. Clearly that should be obvious to you - after all YOU have been shaping your character since you started playing.

In the End

Leaving the sub-park control as it sits following the formative missions locks in the Perks you receive when you finish the expansion story mode and its related missions.

If you opt to complete the final major faction battle to obtain the result of restoring power to the park via its own power plant, that might change the Perks you receive but we doubt it.

Going for a Raider-Free outcome basically means that you are choosing to restore control to the non-violent (or nearly so) Wastelanders who originally settled in the Park. That means the Merchants and the formerly free residents who were enslaved by the Raider gangs.

If you choose to go this route, all that you really need to do is talk to Dr. Mackenzie at the Nuka-Town Market, and nitiate the Mission: Open Season.

When you opt to go this route there are some matters you really do need to consider here..

First, you will aggro all of the Raider Gangs against you - including your Raider Companion.

Second, depending upon how long you waited and how deep into the story you are, it may not be possible to trigger the good ending EVEN IF you opt to follow that path from wherever you made the choice. Just saying, there is such a thing as waiting too long mates.

Third, initiating this Mission WILL cause a majority of the other Missions and Quests to have their flags set to FAILED - even the ones you have yet to flag. The reason for that is down to the fact that they are mutually incompatible with this choice. There will be Missions and Quests that are forever unavailable to you as a result.

Fourth, some key items, objects, and kit may not be able to be acquired following the Good path.

Finally, Fifth, you can pretty much complete your exploration and restore power any time you like - and should you do that there will still be some Quests and Missions that you can still do - but some of the special kit or rewards may not be available even if you complete them after this point.

That pretty much sums up this issue.

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