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This section provides reference material about C# keywords, operators, special characters, preprocessor directives, compiler options, and compiler errors and warnings.

In this section

C# Keywords
Provides links to information about C# keywords and syntax.

C# Operators
Provides links to information about C# operators and syntax.

C# Special Characters
Provides links to information about special contextual characters in C# and their usage.

C# Preprocessor Directives
Provides links to information about compiler commands for embedding in C# source code.

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C# Compiler Options
Includes information about compiler options and how to use them.

C# Compiler Errors
Includes code snippets that demonstrate the cause and correction of C# compiler errors and warnings.

C# Language Specification
The C# 6.0 language specification. This is a draft proposal for the C# 6.0 language. This document will be refined through work with the ECMA C# standards committee. Version 5.0 has been released in December 2017 as the Standard ECMA-334 5th Edition document.

The features that have been implemented in C# versions after 6.0 are represented in language specification proposals. How to train your dragon 3 free. These documents describe the deltas to the language spec in order to add these new features. These are in draft proposal form. These specifications will be refined and submitted to the ECMA standards committee for formal review and incorporation into a future version of the C# Standard.

C# 7.0 Specification Proposals
There are a number of new features implemented in C# 7.0. They include pattern matching, local functions, out variable declarations, throw expressions, binary literals, and digit separators. This folder contains the specifications for each of those features.

C# 7.1 Specification Proposals
There are new features added in C# 7.1. First, you can write a Main method that returns Task or Task<int>. This enables you to add the async modifier to Main. The default expression can be used without a type in locations where the type can be inferred. Also, tuple member names can be inferred. Finally, pattern matching can be used with generics.

C# 7.2 Specification Proposals
C# 7.2 added a number of small features. You can pass arguments by readonly reference using the in keyword. There are a number of low-level changes to support compile-time safety for Span and related types. You can use named arguments where later arguments are positional, in some situations. The private protected access modifier enables you to specify that callers are limited to derived types implemented in the same assembly. The ?: operator can resolve to a reference to a variable. You can also format hexadecimal and binary numbers using a leading digit separator.

C# 7.3 Specification Proposals
C# 7.3 is another point release that includes several small updates. You can use new constraints on generic type parameters. Other changes make it easier to work with fixed fields, including using stackalloc allocations. Local variables declared with the ref keyword may be reassigned to refer to new storage. You can place attributes on auto-implemented properties that target the compiler-generated backing field. Expression variables can be used in initializers. Tuples can be compared for equality (or inequality). There have also been some improvements to overload resolution.

C# 8.0 Specification Proposals
C# 8.0 is available with .NET Core 3.0. The features include nullable reference types, recursive pattern matching, default interface methods, async streams, ranges and indexes, pattern based using and using declarations, null coalescing assignment, and readonly instance members.

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Using the Visual Studio Development Environment for C#
Provides links to conceptual and task topics that describe the IDE and Editor.

Enciclopedia Microsoft Visual C# Pdf

C# Programming Guide
Includes information about how to use the C# programming language.

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Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable x86 x64 All in One Technical Setup Details

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System Requirements for Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable x86 x64 All in One

Supported Operating System

  • Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows XP

Hardware Requirements:

  • 900 MHz or faster processor
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Additional Requirements:

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Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable x86 x64 All in One Free Download

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