Duke Nukem 3D took the great elements of DOOM and made it better. 3D FPS (First Person Shooter) games to the nest level but making the games even more 3D than before.
Unlike in Doom, you could now create platforms on top of platforms, drive vehicles (Sorta), ride on moving platforms, better exploding enemies (This created the concept of 'gibs'), and now up to 9 weapons could be found and selected ranging from the simple pistol to the fantastic devastator weapon. This game also featured interactive environments, such as using a payphone, playing on a pool table, even interacting with the NPC's and enemies, stuff not found in Doom. The only real down side is that it is still the same old gameplay. Shoot the bad guys, find the exit.
Along with that, it featured multiplayer on an epic scale.
There are many different versions to this game, each with it's own amount of extras. They are as follows..
Duke Nukem 3D = Sandard game with 3 Episodes (Stop releasing after the Atomic Edition was made)
Duke Nukem 3D - Atomic Edition = Includes an extra episode that was originally released as 'Plutonium Pak' as an expansion pack.
The CD also includes some extra goodies, including the original Duke Nukem and Duke Nukem II games. Also, not too long after the release of the game, there were other expansion packs such as 'Duke It Out In DC' and 'Vacation Paradise'. Most of the expansions were not endorsed by 3DRealms.
There were also tons of expansion packs that were sold on CD's as D!Zone, which included 100's of maps for single and multiplayer, and extra content for allowing you to edit and modding of maps so you could make your own maps. The CD also included instructions for how to beat the original game and tutorials on how to make maps yourself to include exploding walls, disappearing aliens, and much more.
Also, this game got ported to a few consoles, such as N64 and Playstation. Although not as good as the PC version, play did play okay.
As of today, there are mods and programs you can find so you can run the DOS version on your Windows system. The program can be found and used freely and even comes with a working program so you can using the map editor designed by Ken Silverman. It's also still being sold so you can run it on Windows 8 which includes the original 2 games and the map editor. Look for it on Steam.

Alien Armageddon is a mod for Duke Nukem 3D which adds many new high quality enemies, sexy NPCs, and a second playable character, all featured in epic. Duke3D - Fatal Mode (Atomic) Mar 12 2020 Released Mar 12, 2020 First Person Shooter. Warning These Videos May Contain Mature Themes, just so ya know:D Yay! You guys can hear me well now! XD Any issues let me know. 3rd Roch level by Pascal Rouaud found at the duke repository.

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