The Forbidden Legend Sex & Chopsticks
Directed byQian Wenqi [1]
Produced byWong Jing
Based onLanling Xiaoxiao Sheng The Golden Lotus
StarringOscar Lam wai-kin
Norman Chui
Hayakawa Serina
Music byLuo Jian
CinematographyLuo Si
Edited byPan Xiong
Hong Kong Mingwei Company
Distributed byShadow Dynasty Company
  • 19 September 2008
90 minutes
CountryHong Kong

The Forbidden Legend Sex & Chopsticks (Chinese: 金瓶梅; pinyin: Jīnpíngméi; literally: Golden Lotus). is a 2008 Hong Kong sex film directed by Qian Wenqi and produced by Wong Jing, starring Oscar Lam wai-kin, Norman Chui, and Hayakawa Serina,[2] it based on the novel of The Golden LotusMolecular driving forces solutions manual dill. by Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng. The film premiered in Hong Kong on 19 September 2008.


  • Oscar Lam wai-kin as Ximen Qing.
  • Norman Chui as Ximen Qing's father.
  • Hayakawa Serina as Pan Jinlian.
  • Wakana Hikaru as Ming Yue.
  • Yui Morikawa as Ximen Qing's mother.
  • Kaera Uehara as Zi Yan.
  • Liang Minyi as Chun Mei.


The film was first released on 19 September 2008 in Hong Kong.

The film received mixed reviews.[3][4]


The Forbidden Legend: Sex & Chopsticks 2. Genre: Drama, Romance. Kualitas: HD Tahun: 2009 Durasi: 93 Menit Dilihat: 1.183 views. 7 voting, rata-rata 4,9 dari 10. Movie Layarfilm Download Film Lk21 Indoxxi Layarkaca21 Dunia21 Ganool Terbaru.

Anime omiai aite wa oshiego episode 3. The film's sequel, The Forbidden Legend Sex & Chopsticks 2, was released in Hong Kong on 1 April 2009.[5]


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