Model-year '65-'71 Corvettes used a 13-digit VIN system, which listed GM Division, car line or series, engine type (V-8, but not the specific engine option), body style, model year, assembly plant. May 19, 2017  The first position of the VIN is held by a character that identifies the country or final assembly point of the vehicle. This shows where the Chevrolet was made. The first position may also indicate where the Chevrolet headquarters is located. 1 or 5 indicate your car is U.S. 2 is a Canadian built. 3 is built in Mexico.

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It is the tenth digit that gives you the model year for GM. Ive been working at a Chevy dealer for years running codes/vins.For example ( my examples only apply to 2001-2015 gm vehicles)Remember 10th digit from the beginning, (left to right).2001.. 12002..22003..3.etc.2009..9After 09 the tenth digit was given a letter2010.. A2011..B2012..C2013..D2014..E2015..FEtc..We have another 20 years worth of lettersThanks for reading.You can always check your model year by looking in your drivers side door jamb and it will give you model year. If it was assembled in July or later it's probably a model year later than listed.

American GM[edit]

American VIN format[edit]

GM has traditionally encoded the platform as the fourth character of the VIN. Other content includes an engine code and manufacturing plant. GM's VIN format is as follows:

11World Manufacturer Identifier
4DG Platform
5MPlatform Series Code
65Body style
77Restraint type
8NEngine type
90Check digit
103Model year
110Factory ID
121Sequential number

Platform codes[edit]

GM used a lettered system of automobile platform codes for three decades. These letters were used as the fourth position of the VIN. Though today's GM platforms use Greek characters, they are still encoded with Latin characters in the fourth position. Position five encodes the specific model and trim level of the vehicle.

List of GM platformsPlatform
GM C platformC
WBuick Park Avenue
D, TCadillac DeVille
BCadillac Fleetwood
GCadillac Sixty Special
GM D platformDWCadillac Brougham
VBuick Terraza
G, M, P, R, UCadillac CTS
GM E platformECPontiac G8
L, TCadillac Eldorado
ZBuick Riviera
GM F platformFPChevrolet Camaro
SPontiac Firebird
V,WPontiac Firebird Formula/ Trans Am
GM G platformGR, S1995-99 Buick Riviera & Oldsmobile Aurora
GM H platformHPBuick Le Sabre Custom
RBuick Le Sabre Limited
XPontiac Bonneville SE
YPontiac Bonneville SLE
ZPontiac Bonneville SSEi
GM J platformJBPontiac Sunfire
C, FChevrolet Cavalier
HChevrolet Cavalier Z24
UPontiac Sunbird
GM2900 platformJT, USaturn L200
WSaturn L300
GM K platformKD, E, FCadillac Deville
SCadillac Seville/ Cadillac SLS
YCadillac Seville/ Cadillac STS
GM Kappa platformMA, B, E, FPontiac Solstice/ Saturn Sky
GM L platformL
DChevrolet Corsica Base
TChevrolet Corsica LT
VChevrolet Beretta 'GT'
WChevrolet Beretta 'GT' RPO Z21 & Z26
ZChevrolet Corsica LTZ RPO Z54
ZChevrolet Beretta 'GTZ' RPO Z04
GM M platformMRPontiac Firefly
GM N platformNDChevrolet Malibu
EChevrolet Malibu LS/
Pontiac Grand Am SE
FPontiac Grand Am SE1/
Oldsmobile Alero GLS
GPontiac Grand Am SE2
KOldsmobile Alero Level I
LOldsmobile Alero Level II
VPontiac Grand Am GT1
WPontiac Grand Am GT
GM P platformP
EPontiac Fiero Coupe
FPontiac Fiero SE
GPontiac Fiero GT
MPontiac Fiero Sport coupe
GM S platformSLPontiac Vibe
MPontiac Vibe AWD
NPontiac Vibe GT
GM V platformVRCadillac Allanté/ Cadillac Catera
SCadillac Allanté coupe
XPontiac GTO coupe
GM W platformWBChevrolet Impala / Buick Regal LS
CBuick Lacrosse / Allure (in Canada) CX
DBuick Lacrosse / Allure (in Canada) CXL
EBuick Lacrosse / Allure (in Canada) CXS
FChevrolet Impala/
Buick Regal GS
HChevrolet Impala LS
JPontiac Grand Prix SE
KPontiac Grand Prix SE1
LChevrolet Lumina
PPontiac Grand Prix GT / Chevrolet Impala
RPontiac Grand Prix GTP
SBuick Century Custom
WChevrolet Monte Carlo LS
XChevrolet Monte Carlo SS
YBuick Century Limited
GM Y platformYVCadillac XLR
YChevrolet Corvette
ZChevrolet Corvette
GM Z platformZ
ESC1 (manual transmission)
FSC1 (automatic transmission), SL (manual transmission)
GSC2 (manual transmission), SW1 (manual transmission), SL1 (manual transmission)
HSC2 (automatic transmission), SW1 (automatic transmission LHD), SL1 (automatic transmission)
JSW2 (manual transmission), SL2 (manual transmission)
KSW2 (automatic transmission 1992-1999), SL2 (automatic transmission)
MSW1 (automatic transmission RHD)
NSC1 (manual transmission 3 Dr), SW2 (automatic transmission 2000-2001)
PSC1 (automatic transmission 3 Dr)
RSC2 (manual transmission 3 Dr)
YSC2 (automatic transmission 3 Dr)

Body style codes[edit]

The Body type is specified as character six of the American GM VIN for passenger cars.

1Two-Door Coupe
3Two-Door Convertible
5Four-Door Sedan
6Four-Door Sedan Hatchback
8Four-Door Station Wagon/Two-Door Hatchback
9Four-Door Station Wagon

American restraint types[edit]

The restraint type is specified as character seven of the American GM VIN for passenger cars.

Missing Entry: Corvette Z06, vin code S 5.7L LS6 2001-2204 and vin code E 7.0L LS7 2005-2010 and later. 2010 Impala vin code K is a 3.5L MFI

American engine codes[edit]

GM encodes the engine type in character 8 of the VIN. The following table outlines the various engines encoded there:

Engine codes for passenger cars[edit]

2010 Chevy Malibu engine code B, 2.4LMistake on the engine code M, this M code comes out on the 1995 - 1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the engine is an RPO L82 3.1 SFI engine. This engine made it's first appearance on the A-Body sisters Buick Century and Oldsmobile's Cutlass Ciera 'S', the 1994 L-Body Chevrolet Beretta/Corsica, and it's N-Body siblings, which include the Buick Skylark, Oldsmobile Achieva, and Pontiac Grand Am, but Oldsmobile also had offerings of this engine offering in the 'Late' 1993 W-Body Cutlass for the engine to also incorporate into the 1994 model year W-Bodies, which included the Buick Regal and Pontiac Grand Prix, with the aforementioned Monte Carlo and it's sedan equivalent, the revised Lumina to follow suit the next model year, 1995. It continued it's second iteration, the LG8 3.1 in 2000 (VIN code 'J'), which finally ceased production in the 2005 model year W-Body version of the Century.

VIN code T also designates a 3.1 V6, the base engine in the 1990-92 Camaro/Firebird platform, and VIN code 8 is much better known as the L98 5.7 V8 TPI, standard in the 1985-91 Corvette and optional in the 1987-92 Camaro/Firebird platform .

Missing Entry: 1985-1988 Pontiac Fieros have a 9 engine code for the 2.8L L44 V6.

Missing Entry: The 2009 Corvette and 2011 Camaro SS use a W engine code for the 6.2L LS3 V8.

Missing Entry: Vin Code V for 2.4 L LE9 2.4L MFI I4

Warning: Issues with the decoding are related to year/model combinations. Such as the 4.1 V6 is not included in the list, however it was used on El Dorada and some Cadillac models. Each Year has different break down for each code, a complete list would be a subject of its own. Along with Plants and some model break downs over years.

Missing Entry: 1991 Limo with engine code 7, is not listed. According to one source the limo engine is a 5.7L.

Missing Entry: Corvette Z06, vin code S 5.7L LS6 2001-2204 and vin code E 7.0L LS7 2005-2010 and later

1L673.8 LV6SFI
2LY81.3 LI4MFI
4LN22.2 LI4SFI
6L422.2 LI4MFI
7LY73.6 LV6SFI
8LV61.8 LI4MFI
9L374.6 LV8SFI
CL474.0 LV8SFI
EL035.0 LV8TBI
FL612.2 LI4MFI
KL363.8 LV6SFI
ML951.4 LI4MFI
RL813.0 LV6MFI
WL352.8 LV6MPI

LY7; 3.6; v6

Engine codes for light trucks[edit]

There is a mistake for 2012. The engine code for 4.8 L Flexfuel engine is an A and is not listed.

A4.8LV8GasFlexfuel engine
B5.3LV8GasIII-L33 Vortec 5300 310hp Alum Block Alum Heads HO
C5.3LV8FLEXGas/E85 Flex Fuel with Active Fuel Management
G8.1LV8GasVortec 8100
J6.2LV8Gas2014+ L86 EcoTec3

With Active Fuel Management

P5.3LV8GasIII-LM4 Vortec 5300 290hp Alum Block Alum Heads
R5.7LV8GasL31 Vortec 5700
T5.3LV8GasIII-LM7 Vortec 5300 270-295hp
X4.3LV6GasVortec Iron Block Iron Heads

American GM factories[edit]

List of GM Factories2gcec13y881332689

GM WMIs[edit]

Also mistake on Country codes..GMC light trucks are not listed. The code is 1GT which indicates Ft Wayne, IN.Missing 2G6 on Country Codes.

1G1ChevroletUnited States
KL1South Korea
KLAGM DaewooSouth Korea
1G2 1G5PontiacUnited States
5Y2United States
KL2South Korea
1G3OldsmobileUnited States
1G4BuickUnited States
1G6CadillacUnited States
1G8SaturnUnited States
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