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One of the famous verses of Mirza Ghalib says:

“Dil hi to hai na sang o khisht, dard se bhar na jaye kyun

Royenge hum hazaar baar,koi hame sataye kyun”

(Sang-o-Khisht =brick stone)

Which means that if it is heart, it will feel pain. And if something/somebody hurts it, it will cry.

Sometimes the celebrities take these words of Ghalib real seriously. This trend is being followed in India as well. It does not matter much with female celebrities but the case is somewhat different with male celebrities(dont ask me why).

Most of us remember when Kapil Dev shed tears in front of the camera when he was alleged of being involved in match fixing. Also the veteran Communist leader Somnath Chatterjee went emotional when the MPs were not listening to him when he was the speaker.

Latest in the spree is the senior BJP leader L K Advani. I saw his pic in a newspaper after the election results were out and there he was wiping out his tears. He could not become PM.

Now this is real amazing. Is becoming a PM an ambition? ofcourse it is, as per ourpolitical leader cum comedian Laloo Prasad Yadav. I remember him quoting in an interview, “Arre PM banna kaun nahi chahta? hum bhi banna chahte hain.” (who dont want to become PM, even I do). No wonder if Mayawati, oops i mean “a woman, from oppressed sect, daughter of a dalit, face of the ‘Bahujan Samaj’ (a society comrising of majority) Mayawati; no wonder if she too wants to become Prime minister of the country. This recent elections in India saw many PM aspirants who came out openly. There might be others as well, who were secretly harboring this dream and who might have shown their real intentions if the polls had resulted in a hung assembly.

Ofcourse crying gives you sympathy, specially when men cry in front of media. Everyone started believing that how can a person like Kapil Dev be indulged in match fixinbg? no no, its a plot. And how can the indisciplined MPs dont listen to a senior leader and the hon’ble chairperson Somnath Chatterjee?? ( Though they forget that Somnath himself was seen number of times shouting in parliament when he was not the cahirperson). Ofcourse crying in public gives men sympathy of public. But other than sympathy it also gives you support. People turn in their favor.

But here case is different. People may feel sorry for Advani but no one would be now willing to give him the PM seat. The mandate is out and clear. They DONT want him as PM. Though browsing through internet I came across a site where there was an opinion poll for the most desirable cabinet. Most of them have put Advani as PM. One of them has also written as “PM: Advani (as Vajpayee jee is not there)” . Thats exactly the reason. LK Advani is one of the oldest national level leaders. But voters dont see him having that much potential as they would believe him having when he used to stand besides Vajpayee.

Ofcourse when you lose, you get emotional. You feel sad. But showing it in public is something that is digestable and sympathy-winning but only in case of Wimbledon. Not in election. You cant cry in public saying that people did not help me in fulfilling my desire of becoming prime minister. Its not somebody’s personal interest that are seen when there is a question of millions of people.

Advani is a great leader and a very senior MP. He has offered to step down from the post of leader of opposition, though his party is not allowing him to do so. This drama isnt necessary. If country has got an able prime minister then the country should also get an able leader of opposition and Advani has a lot of experience in this case.

So instead of crying in public the celebrities should continue to deliever what they can give best. They should remember what Ghalib has said:

“Ghalib-e-Khasta ke baghair kaunse kaam band hai

Roiye zaar zaar kya kijiye haaye haaye kyon”

(Why do you cry like this, O miserable Ghalib, when the world does not care….)

hey guyss I'm new here and this my beautiful story please shower your love and support.

A girl of age 21 running through the deep jungle as fast as she can. She could easily hear her breath, sweats is clearly visible, her eyes has fear in it and cloth is fully dipped with blood. Sometime her body is not supporting further running and she falls, but she has no other option than to run.

Man 1:- pata nhi kahan gayi wo bas ek baar mil jaaye zinda nhi bachegi aaj

Man 2:- tu uss taraf dekh aur jahaan bhi mile tapka dalna theek

They starting search her on other side she sit under tree gasping badly but as she heard some voices of foot she again starting running but immediately hide pressing her mouth with hand because those men are just near hear. After sometime they caught her and attack on her hand but she anyhow escape from there and run on road when she got hit by quallis of Daya.

Daya:- oh no excuse me aap theek toh… yeh kya hua aapko kisne ki yeh condition

Girl:- wo wahan… wo wo wahan [and she fainted, Daya take her to beauro]

Scene: CID beauro

ACP:- itni buri haalat ho rakhi hai iski, pata nhi aisa kya hua hoga iske saath aur itna saara khoon

Purvi:- sir maine uska first aid kar diya aur kapde bhi forensic bhej diye

Daya:- hosh aaya use [Purvi nodded in no] raaste mein bhi bahut zyadaa dari hui thi sir

They are get busy in work then Taarika enter the beauro with reports of blood that was present on dress of there.

Taarika:- sir iss dress par teen logo ka khoon laga hua hai aur side par iska khoon

ACP:- what! Teen teen logo ka khoon, kuch khatarnak hua hai, aur yeh masoom phans gayi hogi

After two hours she get consciousness and get scared by seeing the environment. All officers are trying hard to console her and get to know about what exactly happened to her. She just sit silently staring at one point, her whole body is shaking due to fear.

Purvi:- koi fayada nhi sir na yeh kuch bol rhi hai aur na khana kha rhi hai. Sir ab to mujhe bhi tension ho rhi hai aisa kya hua hoga jo yeh itne shock mein aa gayi

Till then Abhijeet enters the beauro and ask about present situation of beauro and Daya narrated him all.

Daya:- yaar humne sab try kar liya par shadme main hai abhi bhi, tum toh inn sab mein expert ho na tum try karo shaayad kaam ban jaaye. [Abhijeet nodded in yes]

Abhijeet go near her and softly placed hand on shoulder and try to sooth her. Finally she look at Abhijeet with some known feeling in her eyes and instantly hug him tightly by which everyone shocked and burst out in tears.

Abhijeet[gaining sense]:- arey aise rote nhi [separated her, she stops crying] achcha aapka naam kiya hai

ACP:- thank God at least Abhijeet se toh kuch bol degi seems like Abhijeet se comfort feel kar rhi hai

Abhijeet:- dekho aap daro nhi bilkul hum sab hai na kya hua hai aapke saath hmmm

Girl[scared tone]:- I am Ankita [fear and tears can easily visible in her eyes] wo… wo log mu…mujhe maar dege [all get alert] maar dege wo mujhe [her body is shaking due to fear]

Abhijeet try to sooth her with so much care an unknown feeling is forming inside him towards her by which he is unaware. He ask her about the incident and she finally starts narrating it.

Same day (in morning)

A group of friend is going for picnic somewhere enjoying, singing and all the fun in car.

Rohan:- yaar aaj toh full mazaa karege bahut dino baad free hue hai final graduation exam se

Ritwik:- haa yaar sachi vaise maine dusri party ka bhi intzaam kar rakha hai

Piya:- what guys maine manaa kiya tha, humaare saath chal rahe ho toh koi badmaashi nhi [looking at girl who silently listening to song] Ankita ab tu hi samjha inhe

Ankita:- koi after party nhi hogi agar abhi bhi chahte ho toh hume yehi drop kar do aur khud jaao

Rohan:- kya Ankita humesha ki tarah iss baar bhi khud ki baat manwaali [she just smiles]

They are enjoying road trip suddenly their car has break down and even with various try it doesn't start.

Rohan:- what the hell iss car ko bhi abhi kharaab hona tha sara mood spoil ho gaya

Piya:- hey kyun na hum iss jungle ke raaste chale, aage highway hai wahaa se lift le lege

They starts walking through jungle and stay together as ways are so confusing. After walking few minutes Ankita's topper has stuck in bushes, she get busy to free it when she get behind and lost.

Piya:- guys wait [looking around] yeh Ankita kahaa reh gayi, shit! Humne usse kho diya yaar ab kya kare

Ritwik[in tension]:- hum agar waapis jaayege toh hum kho jaayege. Highway tak chalte hai phir dekhte hai

On the other side Ankita walking slowly calling her friend's name. She get scared of being lost and just walking in random ways. After sometime she saw something that she can't even imagine in worst nightmare. A man ties three person with ropes and lay them on ground. Those three person begging for their lives but he with his sidekicks kill them in one go and cut them from between. With this scream come out from Ankita's mouth, her eyes got widened in fear and voice get chocked. That man bring Ankita by pulling her hair and throw her on dead bodies by which blood get on her cloth. Her condition get worse and she moves back screaming in fear and starts crying. He pull the weapon to kill her then she throw soil in their eyes and escape from there.


Ankita starts shacking badly in fear, all are shock thinking in what condition she is going through. Abhijeet unintentionally hug her and his eyes get moist. He can feel her condition because of his emotional nature. He also didn't know why he can feel pain of Ankita so much. When he about to go she grab his hand.

ACP:- my God iss masoom ne wo dekha hai Daya jisko dekh kar kisi ki bhi rooh kaanp jaaye kyun Daya. [Daya has lost in thoughts] Daya kya soch rahe ho

Daya:- yeh soch raha hoon ki Ankita ki wajah se tough Abhijeet ke peeche chupa hua Abhijeet jo bahut emotional aur sensitive hai wo baahar aa raha hai. Daily aise cases aate hai par Abhijeet Ankita ke liye…

Purvi:- ha sir Abhijeet sir ke aankh mein aanshoo kuch toh special bonding hai dono ke beech

They all go to jungle Ankita tell them the place where that incident happens. Abhijeet instructs Pankaj to be with Ankita and all go to investigate. For some reason Pankaj move away from there. All the flashes of murder appears in front of Ankita. Her eyes got widened and starts moving back in so much fear. She starts breath heavily and run away from there. After investigation getting over, they find Ankita is not there.

Abhijeet[in extreme tension]:- Ankita kaha hai, God yaar Daya wo bachchi bahut dari hui thi kahaa hai wo [in anger to Pankaj] tumhe yahaa rukne ko bola tha na

Daya:- Abhijeet itna tension mat lo [Abhijeet is about to speak] hume usse dhoondna chahiye aas paas hi hogi

All starts finding Ankita in jungle. After sometime Purvi find her in unconscious state and call everybody. Abhijeet take her to his and Daya's house, where take care of Ankita with pure concern as she also get fever [background song 'Kuch Kam']. Daya notice this from outside the room.

Daya[thinking]:- aisa lagta hai jaise phele se hi koi special rishta ho inke beech aaj se phele kisi ke liye bhi Abhijeet ko itna emotional hote hue nhi dekha. Thank you Ankita Sr. Insp. Abhijeet ke pheeche iss Abhijeet ko waapis lane ke liye. Iski life mein phir se zindgi bharne ke liye

After two days CID team find the photos of that person in the jungle, till then Ankita also get comfortable. She is teasing Pankaj in CID beauro and all smiles on this.

Abhijeet:- sir do din mein kaafi confortable ho gayi Ankita dekho kaise masti kar rahi hai Pankaj ke saath

ACP nodded and all get busy in discussing the case when chasing between Ankita and Pankaj starts. While running Ankita collide with center table where photos are present with this all photos fell down. As she pick those photos, she instantly move back and again starts scaring by seeing that person.

Ankita [scared tone]:- yeh ye… yeh aadmi ye.h mujhe maar daalega [Abhijeet hurriedly try to console her] nahi Abhi yeh mujh. mujhe maar daalega [her head got sweaty due to intense fear]

She immediately run towards the garden starts breathing heavily clutching her hand. After few moments Abhijeet came there she instantly hug him tightly and starts crying.

Abhijeet:- kuch nhi hua bachche aapko dekho haan please aise nhi darte [stiff voice] koi nhi maare aapko mere hote hue [separated from hug, wipe her tears] main hoon aapke saath promise

Abhijeet and Daya are going for investigation, Ankita also wants to with them as she don't want to be alone. On so much force they get ready to take her but on one condition that she don't step outside the quallis. They starts doing enquiring to various people stopping quallis at various places. At one time Daya stop at restaurant for lunch where all three have fun time, laughing, kidding and happy. While they are enjoying, someone keep eye on them from behind. Having lunch Ankita make Abhijeet eat a bite of food by her hand with so much love and care by which both get shocked.

Ankita:- kya hua aap dono mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe ho [clear her face] kuch laga hai kya face pe

Abhijeet [with moist eyes]:- thank you Ankita, thank you so much bachche [she gives meaningful smile]

They all go further in the way Daya suddenly stop the quallis as way is block by drums. Both get confused on this and starting removing the drums leaving her alone. They start the journey, after two hour.

Daya:- yaar Abhijeet yeh Ankita tabhi se so rahi hai jabse humne gaadi roki thi

Abhijeet:- Daya hum log 4 ghante se ghoom rahe hai, tired feel kar rahi hogi isliye so gayi hogi [look at her from front mirror] yeh dekho ear phone bhi nhi hataya isne uff

As he take off earphone she fell down on seat like a dead body. Both get in extreme tension and patting cheeks.

Abhijeet [panicking]:- Ankita please aankhen kholo, Daya yaar isse kya hua, Ankita [tears appears in his eyes] Konvertor latinice u cirilicu za word 2010 free download for mac.

Daya:- oh no Abhijeet jald se jald hospital le jana padega iske body mein poison hai [Abhijeet just standstill] Abhijeet tum sun rahe ho na main kya keh raha hoon [jerking him] Abhijeet

They hurriedly rush to hospital informing all in way. When her treatment is going Daya try to console Abhijeet who continuously shedding tears. ACP ask them about the time when exactly she has given poison. Daya remembered something and told to ACP.


When Daya and Abhijeet busy in removing drums, someone from back spread poison on napkin slowly came near her and suddenly placed on Ankita's mouth before she could react.


Abhijeet:- sab meri galti hai maine usse promise kiya, mere hote hue koi uska kuch nhi kar sakta

Taarika:- khud ko blame mat karo Abhijeet dekhna sab theek ho jaayega [till then doctor came from O.T]

Doctor:- aap patient ko right time par le aaye, poison body mein spread nhi hua tha. She is out of danger now [all get relief sigh] abhi patient unconscious hai. Koi ek room mein jaa sakta hai

All look towards Abhijeet and ask him to go inside. He feels pain in heart seeing Ankita in that condition lying on bed attaching several wires and equipment. He hold her hand and starts caressing hair smoothly.

Abhijeet [try hard to hold tears]:- I am sorry bachche maine aapse promise kiya tha, but I fail I am sorry [kiss her forehead] aage se aisa kabhi nhi hoga promise. Aap nhi jaante jab aapne first time hug kiya tha, wo masoomiyat, wo apne haath se khana dena, pata mujhe aisa laga jaise itne saal baad main khud se mila hoon. Jaise main ek CID officer nhi ek normal insaan hoon, sab aapki wajah se thank you

Tears fell on her hand, background music 'Kuch Kam'. Daya and Taarika watching this from outside.

Taarika:- aisa kya rishta hai Daya inn dono ke beech jo Abhijeet itna emotional aur touched ho gaya Google chrome failed to load pdf document.

Daya [take deep breath]:-kuch rishte ke naam nhi hote Taarika, wo bas bahut special aur pure hote hai

After an hour Ankita regain conscious and all meet her, nurse bring the vegetable soup with she make faces and don't drink it. Till then Abhijeet and Daya came inside and ask about the matter.

Abhijeet:- kyun Ankita aap kyun nhi pee rahe soup kyun tang kar rahe ho nurse ko phir theek kaise hoge

Ankita [irritating]:-bolna easy hai pee lo but ek baar taste karke dekho yuk! [Laugh escape from Daya's mouth]

Abhijeet [nodded head in disappointment]:- dono ek jaise hi milne the mujhe [Daya glared at him]

Abhijeet starts feeding her soup. Tears flows from Ankita's eyes, Abhijeet wrapped her around.

Abhijeet:- dekho Ankita kuch nhi hua aapko, sab theek hai ab aur bhi kuch nhi hoga aapko

After two days she get discharge and again start enjoying with all and ACP has gone Delhi for meeting. In CID beauro everyone is hearing silly fight voice between Ankita and Pankaj as usual.

Daya [getting irritate]:- kya tum dono humesha jagra karte rehte ho. Pankaj tumhe toh samajhna chahiye


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